‘Fault of Woke Politicians’: Shocking Report Reveals Dem Party Is Imploding As Majority Of Dems Blame Woke Politicians For Rising Crime

Credit: thehill.com and reddit.com

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Democrats have a crime problem on their hands as the midterm elections approach in November. The liberal progressive candidates across the nation have been soft on crime for the past several years and it’s coming back to haunt them. 

In the summer of 2020, when American cities burned across the nation, Democrats used the opportunity to promote their identity politics driven by cries of systemic racism. The mainstream legacy media recited the talking points of the Democrat party every chance they could get. 

Now, just two years later, the Democrat’s stance on crime will hurt them in the mid-term elections. The liberal prosecutors installed by George Soros and Black Lives Matter defunding the police movement is not working. 

recent poll found that 52%, of Democrats, say rising crime is “the fault of woke politicians”. The numbers are not surprising. Democrats control just about all the major cities throughout the country where crime is skyrocketing. 

Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and many more big cities have Democrat Mayors and liberal prosecutors who continue to wreak havoc upon their citizens. In Philadelphia, Soros-backed District Attorney, Larry Krasner is refusing to see the impact his policies have. 

Over one thousand people have been killed in the City of Brotherly Love since Krasner has taken over as District Attorney. Yet, he insists his policies are working. It is working for whom? The good people of Philadelphia are suffering while the career criminals are reaping the benefits of their actions. 

Voters know which party is to blame. According to a recent NBC News poll, Republicans enjoy a 23-percentage-point advantage over Democrats on the question of which party has better policies on crime. No amount of sophistry is going to change that.

Despite two years of preaching against police, Democrats are now changing their tune and trying to lie to the American people. They are trying to say they never demanded the police be defunded. They think the nation will forget their cries throughout the streets to harm police and pull their funding. 

Of course, the progressives will seize any shooting as an opportunity to go after gun control laws. They know their stance on crime is a liability in the polls. They will use recent tragedies like the shooting in Raleigh to call for a ban on assault weapons. 

However, the nation doesn’t need more gun laws that the Democrats won’t enforce. The country needs prosecutors that will do their job and keep people safe. Not the Krasners of the world who are deliberately making the cities unsafe. 

Their actions show that even they don’t believe gun laws reduce crime. They make crime worse because only criminals will possess guns. The only point of these laws is to harass law-abiding gun owners who, unlike criminals, will follow the law.

Krasner isn’t the only District Attorney doing this. Kim Foxx in Chicago and George Gascon in Los Angeles are doing the same thing. San Francisco woke up and removed Chesa Boudin through a recall effort. All three cities have seen a drastic increase in criminal activity since they have taken over. 

The defund police movement back-fired. The Police are very popular throughout the country and growing even more popular with the FBI’s questionable actions over the last several months. The Black Lives Matter movement is exposed for its fraudulent and criminal activity. They need more votes. 

They’ve turned their eyes south. The southern border is wide open allowing thousands of illegal migrants to cross into the country with enough Fentanyl to wipe out cities and the Democrats don’t care. Thousands of children are being trafficked throughout the United States and the Democrats don’t care. 

The mid-term elections are a month away and everything is pointing to a red wave. The Democrat soft-on-crime approach that goes hand-in-hand with rising inflation, will come back to haunt them. Unless there are issues with the election, Democrats should lose every close race there is. 

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