Explosive Allegations: GOP Rep. Thomas Massie Grilled Biden On His New Gun Control Measure, Calling It A “Science Fiction” That Will Definitely Go In Vain 

Credits: Chip Somodevilla, Cincinnati Enquirer

Republican Rep. from Kentucky, Thomas Massie stated this Tuesday that President Joe Biden’s recommendations for gun control directed him to a “virtual gun-free zone” always full of fierce crimes, where he gave his latest administrative directions.  

Biden went to Monterey Park, California, just to confirm his new directives. 

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He addressed: 

“Every lawful action possible to move us as close as we can to universal background checks without new legislation.”

Rep. Massie stated that Biden picked up a Golden State to announce such directives just because gun control ordinances there have always gone in vain. 

Massie stated: 

“[California has] got a higher-than-average mass public shooting per capita and they’ve got some of the strictest gun laws. In fact, he went to Los Angeles County. Unless you’re White and well-connected, you probably can’t get a permit to carry a concealed firearm there. Fewer than 1-in-5,000 have a concealed carry permit in Los Angeles County.”

He added: 

“So he went to a virtual gun-free zone to announce these programs, and one of the things that he said he’s going to do… is to somehow achieve what he calls universal background checks.”

Massie noted that Biden’s latest directives have no potential to suppress public shootings, not “in this century.” 

He also mentioned that the Democratic states, New York and Maryland also once tried to impose such gun control reforms but barely had any positive results. 

Massie stated: 

“Maybe [Biden] went to Hollywood because two of his policies are based in science fiction. One of them is this ‘ballistics database’ where you’re going to take a fingerprint of a gun using the shell casing or the bullet. New York and Maryland tried this program. They spent tens of millions of dollars and after 15 years, never solved a single crime.”

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