EXCLUSIVE REPORT: GOP Rep. Tim Burchett Makes Eyebrow-Raising Revelations; Says Biden Admin Members Are ‘Compromised’ By China

(Source: Gray DC)

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Congressman Tim Burchett, a Republican from Tennessee, spoke to Breitbart during a Republican media town hall in the office building next to the Capitol in Washington, D.C. recently. 

The subject of the Chinese surveillance balloon that the Biden administration allowed to peregrinate over the country before shooting it down last Saturday came up. 

The Tennessee Congressman, said, “It’s a total disgrace that it was allowed to even come over our country. They don’t respect us, they don’t fear us, and this administration just proved that.”

“The chain of command was completely broken,” he said. “The president said, ‘Shoot it down,’ the Pentagon said, ‘No, let’s wait.’ We allowed them to gather all that information all the way over several of out top secret military installations.”

The Chinese are “playing chess, and we’re playing checkers, and they’re beating us at the game. They are looking at all of our response times, looking at our military chain of command, and what’s going on in out political responses, and they realize that we’re weak.”

“When we dropped it in the ocean, which was a joke … we could have dropped it in Montana — it’s more likely to hit a ship off the coast of Myrtle Beach than it would to hit somebody in Montana, one of our least populated states,” he continued.

“And then they send Mayor Buttigieg to raise the flag on that issue on the Sunday morning shows, and that’s just a joke.”

“They were just giving us the middle finger,” Burchett said, “I think we’re compromised.”

“You have a general who literally negotiated with the communist Chinese at the end of the Trump administration telling this president [Biden] to allow the communist Chinese to fly over when we know they’re spying on us,” he explained.

“I think we’ve got a real problem with the Chinese, with the communist Chinese, and their infiltration. I mean, we know it’s here in Congress and we won’t slap their hand.”

“I think it sent a message, too, for the rest of the world that this administration is — I think they’re compromised,” he concluded.

Burchett believes that both government personnel and institutions are compromised. He said that the Chinese have been at it for a long time and their influence over members of Congress began when the members were in college. 

He said eventually someone who the Chinese have contacted or with whom they’ve formed a relationship “gets in.” 

He said that it’s a real problem and he doesn’t think “the American public really realizes, until this point, seeing this fly over, because there is no rationale for not shooting that balloon down,” he said.

He’s hopeful that now that the Republicans have the majority in the House they can use the Oversight Committee to investigate these atrocities. 

He discussed the president’s cognitive state and how that is a liability for the country as well. He said prays for President Biden’s health because the second in command is even worse.

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