EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Good News For Senior Citizens As Trump Announces Plan To Limit Insulin Costs And Criticized Joe Biden

Credits: Saul Loeb, Daniel Sorabji

On Tuesday, the White House affirmed that all senior Diabetic Americans, who have signed up for Medicare plans, will be getting their co-payments limited for Insulin at approximately $35 per month, starting from the upcoming year.

A recent poll revealed that Trump lacks the support of senior citizens, and their votes might be helpful in the November elections. In 2016, he had the full support of the senior citizens as well; however, in the poll, it seems like Trump is following his rival, Joe Biden.  

Trump officials made settlements with several Insulin producers and insurance companies to implement the price reduction on Insulin.

During a speech at Rose Garden, Trump took advantage of the event to mock Biden over his handling of healthcare problems.  

He stated:

“This is a big day for seniors! We brought all of the parties to the table — insurers, manufacturers, and other key players — and reached an agreement to deliver Insulin at stable and drastically lower out-of-pocket costs for our seniors. I hope the seniors are going to remember it because Biden is the one that put us into the jam because they didn’t know what they were doing.” 

Trump seems quite determined to decrease prescribed medication prices, however, he is having trouble reaching common ground with Congress concerning the issue. 

Several GOP Senators have supported the initiative to control Medicare prescription costs, however, a few members from Trump’s party are not in favor of the idea of interfering in the market. 

The White House reported that currently, over 3 million Americans on Medicare are using Insulin for their Diabetes.

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