EXCLUSIVE REPORT! China’s Spy Balloon Craft Was Carrying EXPLOSIVES To Demolish Itself; Payload Size Was Equal To A Jetliner

Credits: DOD, ReetFeed, MagnoliaReporter

On Monday, the Commander of U.S. North Command and Air Force General, Glen David VanHerck, disclosed a few shocking pieces of information concerning the Chinese spy balloon.

VanHerck disclosed on a phone call with a news reporter that the spy balloon had explosives for self-detonation. He also said the balloon was 200 ft tall, weighing thousands of pounds, and had a jetliner-sized payload.

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On a telephone call, VanHerck informed the reporters:

“Because the president decided they wouldn’t shoot it down until he could do so safely, and that meant over water, that afforded us a terrific opportunity to gain a better understanding, to study the capabilities of this balloon.”

According to the Daily Mail report:

“His description followed a briefing by National Security Council spokesman John Kirby, who defended President Joe Biden’s decision to wait and shoot down the Chinese craft until it was over South Carolina’s coastline on Saturday.” 

The report added:

“Biden ordered the balloon shot down Wednesday, but the U.S. military held off until Saturday, with the Air Force sending an F-22 fighter jet armed with an AIM-9X Sidewinder missile to do the job.”

A top-ranked retired Army general blasted President Joe Biden for not taking the occurrence of the Chinese spy balloon seriously.

A retired four-star General and the previous Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. army, Jack Keane, also grilled Biden for not shooting the balloon on time and letting it stay and roam in American airspace freely.

Keane made his remarks during an interview with Fox News after the balloon was shot down into the Atlantic Ocean.

Keane stated:

“Remember, this was approaching the United States over water. It was approaching the Aleutian Islands over water. And we had plenty of opportunity to take it down then. And that’s when it should have happened. We had to be tracking it from mainland China across the Pacific Ocean, and we had plenty of warning to put together an operation that we are conducting now on the east coast that should have been done there.”

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