Exclusive: New Hampshire Legislations Will Strengthen Parental Rights And Ban Transition Procedures For Minors  

Epoch Times

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While California is in the middle of a lawsuit against its “sanctuary state” policy for gender transitioning minors, a lawmaker in New Hampshire has introduced Republican House Bill 619, entitled “Protection Against Child Medical and Psychological Experimentation Act.”

Supporters of the bill are hopeful that New Hampshire will be the next state to ban sex change operations and other gender-affirming procedures for minors. 

The legislation aims to expand parent rights over curriculum and school activities in reaction to a policy that no longer requires schools to notify parents if a child is questioning his or her gender or sexuality. 

Sen. Sharon Carson said, “They cannot lie to a parent. What lesson are you teaching a child when you say that it’s OK to lie to your parents? As a parent, I find that appalling.”

Rep. Terry Roy, a sponsor of one of the bills, said he wants to “generate discussion.”

“If it turns out that this gender-affirming care is the best thing for our children, then prove it, and then it will be so,” he told the House Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee. “But if it can’t be proven, then we need to put a pause on it before we do damage to our children that we cannot repair.”

“A law of another state that authorizes a state agency to remove a child from their parent or guardian based on the parent or guardian allowing their child to receive gender-affirming health care or gender-affirming mental health care shall be against the public policy of this state and shall not be enforced or applied in a case pending in a court in this state,” the bill reads.

Detrans Awareness, a group comprised of those who had such procedures as minors, produced a video series to warn others about the possible harm.

“See what’s coming: a day when therapists, doctors, parents & teachers who truly believed they were doing the right thing will have to reckon with the damage they unintentionally caused vulnerable young people,” the group wrote in its video promotions.

“Children are being targeted in soft campaigns on the internet and by laws that undermine parental authority.”

A counter bill seeks to make New Hampshire a sanctuary state for minors wishing to undergo sex change procedures.

The main sponsor for the bill, Rep. Gerri Cannon, a biological male turned transgender female, told The Epoch Times that “not protecting trans kids is no different than not protecting abused children.”

According to The Epoch Times, if the Republican bill passes, “New Hampshire will join eight other states that have recently outlawed transgender treatment for minors. It will also make the Live Free or Die state the only state out of the six states that make up the otherwise liberal Northeast region to ban it.

“The bill includes a ban on any discussion of gender transition treatment in public schools and the repeal of an existing ban on gay conversion therapy in the state.”

People are waking up to the harm that transgender ideology is having on the youth of America. How did the number of those who identify as transgender sharply increase in the U.S. if not for the push of such ideology?

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