Exclusive: Netizens Blast VP Kamala Harris Over Her Claims That She Once Questioned Her Mother “Why Are Conservatives Bad, Mommy?”

Credits: RNCResearch

On Monday, the current Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, disclosed a story from her childhood to slam conservatives, however, the netizens were not happy with her claims and believe it was made up.

During a moderated discussion concerning the climate policy at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities in Colorado, She stated:

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“I grew up learning about – we called it ecology at the time and so some of us who were born around that time know what I’m saying – and we talked about it in the context of conservation.” 

She added while laughing: 

“In fact, I’m going to share with you a very simple story, which is that I went home one day and I said, ‘Well, why are conservatives bad, mommy?’ I thought we were supposed to conserve things.”

The vice president concluded: 

“I couldn’t reconcile it. Now I can.”

The video made rounds on Twitter and several users bashed her over her story.

New Hampshire 2022 congressional candidate, Karoline Leavitt, responded:

“Her comms team would be wise to keep her far, far away from a camera and a microphone. Forever.”

Conservative Twitter user ALX wrote: 


Numerous Twitter users were skeptical about her story and believed it to be completely fabricated.

Dana Loesch, the host of “The Dana Show,” claimed:

“This never happened.”

Writer and editor Virginia Kruta wrote:

“I can’t tell if she laughs because she believes the content is funny or because she knows there are a few suckers dumb enough to believe this actually happened.”

Senator Ted Cruz’s special adviser for communications Steve Guest tweeted:

“I’ll take, ‘Things that never happened for $1,000.'” 

WGY Mornings with Doug Goudie wrote:

“She’s been around POTUS too long, the only thing missing is ‘not a joke’ at the end.”

Famous conservative personality from Twitter, Andrea Katherine, wrote:

“Kamala Harris asked her mother, ‘Why are conservatives bad, Mommy?’ because I thought we were supposed to conserve!. Then Kamala’s mom introduced her to Corn Pop, Kamala’s new stepfather. Corn Pop was a bad dude.”

Father Dwight Longenecker, a Catholic priest, noted: 

“She thinks she is delightful.”

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