EXCELLENT WORK! Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters Gets Destroyed By Chip Roy And She Ended Up Denouncing Her OWN Words

Credits: Chip Somodevilla, The Hill

The GOP Rep. from Texas, Chip Roy, was seen this week bashing one of his colleagues, Maxine Waters, across the corridor. Roy is well known for blasting people by exposing them on Capitol Hill, 

While having an argument concerning a congressional resolution in order to criticize “the horrors of socialism,” Roy faced the Californian Democratic Rep, Maxine Waters, on her history full of remarks that she gave for the oil industry’s nationalization. 

Roy began grilling Waters and stated:

“We can go around and around in circles about trying to talk about and defining socialism, but at its core, I was intrigued by an op-ed that I saw not too long ago by a Democrat from Cuba commenting on one of our colleagues, an avowed socialist, and essentially pointing out the extent to which ‘democratic socialism is a lot like the system my family fled except its proponents promised to be nicer when seizing your business.’ That’s the truth. We can talk about these terms as if they don’t matter, but they do. They do matter. They’re actually at the core of who we are.”

However, Waters failed to give proper answers to Roy’s questions. Though, she stated that the intrusion of socialism “is not happening” and called it a “non-issue.”

She further added:

“I’m not a socialist, I’m a capitalist … and for some of you who have adopted certain kind of ways that you support what you now claim is socialism, I’m here to say to you, come on.”

While quoting Waters’ words from a 15-year-old hearing, Roy stated:

“You disagree with that? You now denounce that statement?”

To which Waters replied: 

“I am not a socialist, OK?”  

This furious debate was apparently pretty unpleasant for California’s Democratic leader, as Waters attempted to change the direction of the discussion toward Medicare or Social Security. However, Roy kept on asking if she would change the words she previously stated in favor of socializing several segments of the American economy.

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