Elon Musk Will Be Twitter’s New Temporary CEO Once He Takes Over In A Few Months, According To Leftist Hysteria

Photo Source: Businessinsider

The funniest accidental comedy ever is liberal outrage over Musk’s Twitter takeover: Concha. According to one scholar, Musk’s potential acquisition seems like the start of the Weimar Republic. Elon Musk’s attempted aggressive acquisition of Twitter has produced some of the funniest accidental humor.

Musk might be on his way to purchasing Twitter for $43 billion! If authorized, anticipate major changes to occur quickly. Starting, maybe, with the re-election of a particular previous president.

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Because Musk declares himself a “free speech absolutist,” perhaps, just maybe, under his leadership, Twitter will stop suppressing conservatives or banning people who don’t follow the dictates of left-wing, blue-check Twitter. Perhaps articles that are damaging to Democrats in control will not be suppressed. And for “conservatives” like Max Boot of the Washington Post, this scenario is terrifying.

“I am terrified about the impact on society and politics if Elon Musk owns Twitter,” he tweeted. He seemed to believe that anything goes on social media. We need more content filtering, not less if democracy is to survive.

Shocked? And, if Musk succeeds, will democracy perish in the dark? Come on, guy! Let’s see, how about Axios? Aren’t they usually reasonable in their reporting? Here’s what they had to say about it: What about journalism professors like Jeff Jarvis of the City University of New York? He posted, “Today on Twitter seems like the last evening at a Berlin nightclub during the twilight of Weimar Germany,” eliciting widespread derision. We could continue, but this isn’t a mini monologue for nothing.

Here’s the bottom line: more speaking is usually a good thing. For far too long, Twitter has operated as if it were a political entity based in North Korea. Forget about prejudice. Faceless Silicon Valley politicians pose as outspoken advocates. Elon Musk, a defender of free speech, has had enough. The good news is that he has the funds to take action, all in the name of free expression. That’s great news. Mika Brezinski of MSNBC raised the alarm over a potential Elon Musk purchase of Twitter, calling it a “very dangerous precedent” for the United States.

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On Friday, the “Morning Joe” co-host spoke with Linette Lopez of Business Insider, who just authored an article titled “Elon Musk’s plan to acquire Twitter symbolizes a scary new threat: wealthy trolls taking over social media.” Lopez speculated in the post that Musk’s motivation for buying Twitter was not to further “high-minded goals” or improve the site, but to “muddy the waters” of free speech debate “for his personal profit.”

“I think you make an excellent argument, however, Linette, are there any means to prevent him from purchasing Twitter? Are there any safety nets in place for something like this? Because this has the potential to set a hazardous precedent, “Brezinski posed the question at the start of the interview.

Lopez began by asserting that Twitter shareholders disagree with Musk on what constitutes free speech and that the firm has previously been called on to be the “vanguard” in deleting disinformation, “bad actors,” and “moderating speech.” The Business Insider blogger went on to accuse the Tesla CEO of allowing hazardous, racist, and violent statements to “fester” within his enterprises, a reference to a discrimination case filed against the company in California.

She went on to say that Musk permitted similar conduct to occur at his factories, allowing Black people to be treated “like garbage” and forced to “sweep the floors” among other “menial jobs.” Employees at Twitter are “freaking out,” according to Lopez since they know Musk fosters “toxic work conditions” and intentionally seeks out controversy. Lopez said, “He does not believe in the implications of words.”

Lopez also chastised Musk for agreeing to a $40 million settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission after the agency sued him for securities fraud. Tesla’s stock price jumped 6% in 2018 after the CEO stated that he may take the firm private for $420 per share.

Musk’s tweets on the firm are now being monitored and approved by a Tesla lawyer. According to an SEC filing, Musk offered $54.20 per share for 100% of Twitter on Thursday and stated that if his offer was not accepted, he would have to reevaluate his status as a shareholder.

“Elon Musk is the reason why millionaires should be abolished. It’s not enough to ask them to contribute their fair part. Regulating them is insufficient. When individuals are given this much concentrated power, they will eventually expand economic power to include all other forms of authority “Anand Giridharadas of MSNBC talked about it.

Several users, including Pam Keith, CEO of the Center for Employment Justice and former Democrat congressional candidate, vowed to deactivate their Twitter accounts if Musk’s offer was accepted, writing, “I love you all, but I am 100 percent OUT if Musk takes overt (sic) Twitter.”

Richard Signorelli, a former assistant US attorney for the Southern District of New York, stated Musk was “getting on my nerves” and urged Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal to reject the offer “for the welfare of Twitter’s and democracy’s long-term interests.” “Today on Twitter seems like the last evening at a Berlin nightclub in the twilight of Weimar Germany,” liberal professor Jeff Jarvis said.

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