Elon Musk claims he had major side effects from his second booster shot

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Elon Musk one of the richest people in the world has been the topic of controversy in the twitter and social media sphere for the last few months. Elon also the owner of Tesla and SpaceX would purchase twitter for $44 billion in October last year. This was a record deal, and so much information would surface about the twitter files and government involvement within the app.

Elon Musk who has claimed to be apolitical has chimed on the political sphere from time to time including climate change, the vaccine, government spending and other topics as well. Even getting into a twitter debate with popular democrat AOC.

However, Elon Musk would respond to an account by the name of Scott Adams and say this in a tweet.

credit- Elon Musk twitter

Elon claims he had major side effects from the vaccine and he almost felt like he was dying for several days. Scary things you never want to see happen to anyone.

Elon would also follow this up with another tweet saying that his cousin who is young in health was having a bad case of myocarditis.

credit-Elon Musk twitter

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