Elon Asks, “Who funds these organizations?” George Soros, Clinton And Obama Administration Officials, And European Countries Are All Implicated

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Some of the most prominent liberals have banded together to urge advertisers to avoid Twitter if Elon Musk implements his promised policy of unrestricted “free speech.” Twenty-six non-governmental organizations and advocacy groups signed a statement opposing the idea of the world’s richest man. Musk responded to the letter by stating that they were funded by a variety of “dark money” organizations, including George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, NGOs founded by former Clinton and Obama administration staffers, wealthy Democrat donors, and their family foundations, labor unions, and European governments.

‘Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter would further contaminate our information ecology and pose a direct threat to public safety, particularly among the most vulnerable and disenfranchised,’ they warned. They cautioned that advertising on Twitter exposes their business to the “risks associated with a platform propagating hatred, extremism, health misinformation, and conspiracy theories.” ‘Under Musk’s leadership, Twitter risks becoming a sewer of disinformation, with your brand attached, poisoning our information ecosystem at a time when confidence in institutions and the news media is already at an all-time low,’ the writers said.

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‘You can either sponsor Musk’s vanity endeavor or hold him accountable with your advertising revenue. We urge you to insist that Musk respect these fundamental community trust and safety requirements, and to stop advertising on Twitter if he does not.’ Elon Musk, shown with his mother Maye at the Met Gala on Monday night, questioned on Tuesday who was sponsoring the organizations that signed a letter denouncing him. The letter signed on their behalf included 26 firms. ‘Who sponsors these groups that seek to regulate your access to the information?’ Musk tweeted in response to the letter. Let’s look into it…’

‘Sunlight is the finest disinfectant,’ he said, piqued by the criticism. On headed paper with the logos of Accountable Tech, Media Matters for America, and Ultraviolet, the 26 organizations signed a letter. Nicole Gill, a political activist and founder of the 2017 Tax March, and Jesse Lehrich, a former foreign policy spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the nephew of David Axelrod, former senior advisor to Barack Obama, lead Accountable Tech, a Washington, DC-based organization.

On their website, they claim that “social media behemoths are destroying our common reality and driving democracy to the edge.” ‘Accountable Tech is retaliating.’ The organization, which was founded in May 2020, is a 501(c)(4), which means it is exempt from disclosing its donor list.

David Brock, a former conservative writer who converted liberal and was dubbed the “Democrats’ attack dog” by Politico in 2017, founded Media Matters for America in May 2004. ‘The Clinton enforcer, who raised tens of millions of dollars and built a vast network of outside groups to promote her presidential campaign, is now focusing his attention on Trump,’ they wrote at the time. ‘Brock is enlisting the support of Democratic megadonors, and while he may be divisive at times, few doubt his efforts. His media monitoring group Media Matters and the opposition research super PAC American Bridge are among his many entanglements.’

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‘Dedicated to extensively monitoring, evaluating, and correcting conservative falsehoods in the United States media,’ states Media Matters for America. ‘We have to get rid of the bots and trolls,’ says Elon Musk. Politico dubbed David Brock, founder of Media Matters for America, as the “Democrats’ attack dog,” and Jesse Lehrich, co-founder of Accountable Tech.

Both organizations signed a letter urging companies to stop advertising on Twitter. According to Influence Watch, the group was founded with about $2 million in donations from prominent liberal donors like Susie Tompkins Buell, the 78-year-old co-founder of clothing brands Esprit and The North Face; Leo Hindery, 74, a media-focused private equity investor; and James Hormel, who died in August at the age of 88.

Hormel was the heir to a meatpacking company and the first openly homosexual American ambassador, serving in Luxembourg from 1997 to 1999. He also co-founded the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s leading LGBT rights organization, in 1981.

The National Education Association, America’s biggest teachers’ union, and many Jewish organizations, including the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston and the Community Foundation of the United Jewish Federation of San Diego, are among the funders of Media Matters. The 26 organizations who signed the letter are not all headquartered in the United States. The signatories include Fair Vote UK, a British organization that attempts to “address the issue of data exploitation, voter manipulation, and lack of transparency in elections.”

The Center for Countering Digital Hate, directed by Imran Ahmed, a former advisor to senior Labour Party members, was another British signatory. The organization has grown to include a Washington, DC office, although most of its work is still done in the United Kingdom.

According to Influence Watch, ‘The Center is best known for collaborating with Rachel Riley to remove controversial far-right broadcaster, Katie Hopkins, from Twitter and conspiracy theorist David Icke from Facebook and Youtube.’ Following Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, an insider releases audio of a meeting.

In June 2004, George Soros, the founder and chairman of the Open Society Foundation, is photographed. Soros, now 91, runs a foundation that has given more than $12 billion to progressive organizations since 1979.

7 thoughts on “Elon Asks, “Who funds these organizations?” George Soros, Clinton And Obama Administration Officials, And European Countries Are All Implicated

  1. Enact Federal law that bans existing exemption to any NGO for disclosing its donor list publicly. Make disclosure mandatory in full public view and access.


  3. The globalist, the Marxist are all against the principles of freedom. Truth has no basis in their minds.

  4. Slightly off topic, but I was a member of a number unions in my working lifetime, and have never seen “teachers’ unions” as real unions. Real unions take up bread and butter issues, not abstract philosophies like teachers’ do.

  5. Not to very long ago the Dems were a party in trouble. They survived by allowing the extreme left and liberals to take the wheel that’s now trying to drive the right straight to hell . Remember when the left and right kinda worked together? because it is balanced power that makes life livable. I hope Elon Musk realizes how needed his voice is. This country depends on men like him.

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