Election Day Unrest: White House Constructing ‘Non-Scalable’ Fence

Election Day is tomorrow and businesses have been preparing for the very real possibility of unrest to occur on Tuesday and perhaps even days after. They are boarding up their storefronts and many will be closed tomorrow or even the entire week. The White House is preparing just the same.

Workers are constructing a fence around the White House that nobody would be able to climb, and is expected to be more than 7 feet tall. The barricade will form a square around the White House on 15th Street, Constitution Avenue, 17th Street and H street. Similar fences are already in place around Lafayette Park and other parts of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House for construction for Inauguration Day.

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Fencing was put in place around the White House during the summer unrest after the death of George Floyd. This could easily be the most contentious election in United States history. Democrats are certain they will win and if they don’t they already have said they won’t accept it. They think that President Trump won’t agree to a peaceful transition of power, if he were to lose, even though there has been no evidence that he wouldn’t cooperate with the next President.

A YouGov poll from last month released findings that most voters are expecting there to be some form of civil unrest following the election. A study from October warned that Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Oregon are at risk of experiencing greater levels of civil unrest and militia activity before, during, and after the election.

Police departments in major cities are preparing for what could be a very violent and damaging week. DC Metro Police Chief Peter Newsham said that as of Thursday they haven’t received any credible threats of violence but several groups have applied for large demonstration permits and that the entire department will be working on Election Day.

In New York, police commissioner Dermot Shea is requiring every officer in the city to be in uniform, even detectives, and on duty Election Day. The department said they are expecting protests, riots, and unrest to become bigger and more common and may even carry on into early 2021.

That very well could happen and not just in New York. Nearly every major city in America (if not every major city by now) has experienced some form of civil unrest, many of which have led to violent destruction and even the loss of innocent life.

Sources: Fox News, The Hill, The Guardian; Photo-Business Insider

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