Eight States Have Sued The Biden Administration Over The Reintroduction Of OBAMA’S Border Policy And Program

Photo Source: Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Joe Biden has put himself in further legal risk after eight states sued his government for utilizing an Obama-era border policy. According to Newsweek, the lawsuit seeks to reinstate the Central American Minors Refugee and Parole Program, or CAM, which allows certain minors from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala to enter the United States and be placed on an immediate path to citizenship after it was repealed by former President Donald Trump. “The Biden Administration has sowed nothing but devastation for our country via its unlawful, unconstitutional immigration policies,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said.

According to the complaint, illegal immigrants do not have the right under federal law to petition the federal government for their relatives living overseas to join them in the United States. There are no legal ways for aliens without status to join other aliens without status in the United States, and the Biden Administration has devised such a program for some illegal immigrants from El Salvador, Guatemala, or Honduras who live in the United States.

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Texas is not the only state whose attorney general has challenged the program’s restoration. “… Biden and Mayorkas are putting together their own criminal enterprise to transport illegal aliens into and throughout our nation – ignoring federal rules,” Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody stated. “By failing to protect the border, the Biden Administration has failed the American people,” Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge stated. According to Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, the first method for immigrants to demonstrate their worthiness of residing in the United States is to respect our rules. Those who do not comply should not be permitted to remain.” “The Biden Administration’s lack of leadership on illegal immigration is having a direct impact on our nation,” Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor said.

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