Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer VP and Chief Scientist, Calls COVID Virus, Vaccine Campaign ‘Supranational Operation’ to ‘Injure, Maim, and Kill People’ 


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Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer vice president and chief scientist for allergy and respiratory, sat for an interview with a reporter from Children’s Health Defense in London. 

Yeadon was in London for the Truth Be Told Rally which is part of a campaign to “raise awareness about the damage” resulting from the COVID-19 vaccines. 

The doctor, who spent most of his career working for Big Pharma, explained his position on COVID and the vaccine campaign that resulted. He called the whole thing a “supranational operation” designed “to injure people, to maim and kill deliberately.”

He remembers thinking that COVID was “not what they’re saying it is.” He shared his thoughts with his wife and told her that “something’s going on.” 

“And when I saw not only my country locking down, but dozens of countries locking down at the same time … that was proof, and is still proof, of a supranational operation,” he said.

He pointed out the “orchestrated response” and said it “demonstrates a planned event as opposed to one determined by the chance of the virus developing.” 

These governments “all did the same stupid, ineffective, known-not-to-work things at the same time, none of which were in their countries’ pandemic preparedness plans because I’ve read them all,” the doctor said confidently.

Yeadon is not concerned about being sued by former colleagues for saying they said things that weren’t true. He said they know they’ll lose in court. 

Instead of suing, he said they’ve chosen to “smear me and censor me.” 

Now, “the injuries to people from these so-called vaccines” is “something much worse than an alleged virus,” Yeadon stated. 

Furthermore, “I wish I could say that it was accidental, but it wasn’t accidental.”

“I spent 32 years in rational drug design. I know, and I knew, and wrote it, before any of the [injections] had Emergency Use Authorization [EUA], that they were dangerous.”

“And I’m afraid I’m convinced, and would say, with my hand on the Bible in front of a court, a judge, that these injections have been made to injure people, to maim and kill deliberately.”

He said the injections spread around the body and get “absorbed into a cell” and “converted into a protein.” 

Yeadon went on to explain when “your body makes a foreign protein — I am guaranteeing this as an immunologist — your body will say ‘that’s non-self’ and will attack whoever is producing it until the cell is dead. And I think that’s the cause of a lot — not all — of the adverse reactions to these so-called vaccines.”

The immunologist further explained that if the “material” goes to your heart, you might suffer “myocarditis or heart attack.” 

He also said it can cause miscarriage in pregnant women and neurological problems if it goes to the nervous system. 

Yeadon noted that a lot of the negative results of the mRNA vaccines were known long before the pandemic so there is no way it could be “defended as inadvertent.”

While some Americans, especially those in government leadership positions, want to keep adverse reactions to the vaccine hidden, many, like the good doctor, will not let it go.

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