DOUBLE STANDARDS: Extreme Hypocrisy Shown As A Passenger Is Kicked Off A Flight For Political Message Scribbled On Front Of Mask


It was recently reported by ConservativeBrief that a man aboard an Allegiant Air flight was asked to deplane before take-off in recent days over a “message” he had written on his mask.

A video posted online by “Libs of Tik Tok” shows a flight attendant confronting the man with a request that he wear a different mask over “a comment that you’ve written on there,” which in turn led him to inquire whether that was a violation of his rights.

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The flight attendant responded by citing an “FAA regulation” as the reason for her demand.

Some have said that the man had written the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” on his mask, which is known to be a less profane insult against President Joe Biden.

“Allegiant confirmed to Fox Business that the passenger was removed but claimed it was because he was disobeying the flight attendant. 

Allegiant wouldn’t confirm whether or not the passenger had been unruly or violated the policy based on the slogan, nor where the flight departed or was headed,” The Daily Mail reported, adding that Allegiant released a statement.

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It said:

The video in question depicts part of an incident involving a passenger who failed to comply with repeated crew member requests to adhere to the federal face mask policy…. The passenger was removed from the flight and issued a refund for his fare. Disregarding instructions from flight crew members is prohibited by federal regulations and is grounds for removal from a flight where such conduct creates an unsafe environment…

The decision to remove a passenger is never made lightly and is always done with the safety of our passengers and crew in mind. In April, the FAA adopted a zero-tolerance policy against unruly passenger behavior, which includes failure to comply with crew members’ instructions. We welcome the FAA’s renewed strong stance on unruly passengers, understanding the safety risk such incidents can create for both passengers and crew.

If, in fact, the male passenger had written “Let’s Go Brandon” on his mask, it is noteworthy to point out that other political messaging has not only been tolerated but even promoted by some airlines.

In September 2020, after a summer of riots and violence following the death of George Floyd, CBS News reported that American Airlines allowed its workers to put a Black Lives Matter pin on their uniforms and outerwear.

“The decision comes after American Airlines employees saw people at other companies wearing BLM pins and asked if they could do the same,” CBS News reported.

American Airlines issued a statement that said:

American Airlines believes in equity and inclusion for all…Fundamentally, we believe Black Lives Matter is an expression of equality, not a political statement…It doesn’t mean other lives don’t matter, rather that in our society Black lives should matter and be valued the same as others. We are showing our support for our Black colleagues and customers who have experienced discrimination and injustice, not any particular organization. This decision underscores our belief that all people, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity, deserve to be treated with equality and respect.

In October 2020, a report stated that United Airlines planned to introduce an optional BLM pin for its staff members and also for customers.

Meanwhile, a passenger on a Spirit Airlines flight recently was told that he had to cover a “Let’s Go Brandon” mask because it was found to be offensive, The New York Post reported.

Adam Radogna, a supporter of former President Donald Trump flying from Cleveland, Ohio, to Tampa, Florida, on Friday, posted a viral video showing him being handed a surgical mask to replace the one he was wearing.

When he asks a flight attendant why, she is heard saying, “It’s offensive … it can be to some people, so we’re not going to go back and forth. Go ahead and put the blue one on, OK?”

After wearing the blue mask over his scrolling one, Radogna goes on to say, “This is not America anymore.”

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