Donald Trump May Be Arraigned Virtually In Order To Prevent ‘Tremendous’ Consequences Of His Arrest


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The rumors surrounding the possible arrest and arraignment of former President Donald Trump are prolific in the media and the social media sphere. 

Does the Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg have grounds to arrest him? What is the protocol with his Secret Service detail? Is this purely political? What will this mean for the country? 

These are just some of the questions swirling around out there. And the answers depend on who you ask. 

A source told Fox News Digital that there are some concerns among NYC authorities that arresting Trump may be dangerous. 

According to Fox News, “several law enforcement groups were scheduled to meet at noon on Monday at NYPD headquarters in Manhattan to discuss the logistics of a potential indictment against Trump.” 

The meeting was to be hosted by the NYPD with attendees including, “Michael Magliano, chief of the Department of Public Safety, who oversees NY court officer; the head of the Secret Service of the New York office, and a representative from the Manhattan district attorney’s office.”

Fox News is also reporting that the Secret Service is “expected to suggest the possibility of a virtual arraignment, removing the need for Trump to be physically arrested and moved,” according to their source.

“In the event of an indictment, a physical arrest would be the responsibility of the Secret Service.”

The DA’s office declined to comment, though political pundit and podcaster, Dan Bongino said today on his podcast that DA Bragg said no to a virtual arraignment. 

Bongino said that there is no reason that the authorities can’t do this virtually and Bragg is only bringing Trump in “because they need a freakin’ spectacle, that’s why!”

Law enforcement, on the other hand, is concerned about the situation. They cite a “tremendous amount of danger” and “hysteria” surrounding Trump’s potential arrest. 

The Fox News source “who is familiar with the arrangements for the logistics of a possible indictment and arraignment for Trump, blamed the Manhattan DA’s office for leaking news of Trump’s potential indictment.”

“That created a lot of security issues. The chance of anyone getting hurt has dramatically increased,” the source said.

The New York Post, citing a source close to Trump, reported that “Trump would surrender in Florida and fly to New York to be arraigned” if he is indicted. 

The Post also quoted a representative for the state courts who said, “We are not doing criminal cases, including arraignments, virtually.”

If that is true, the former president will be appearing in a Manhattan court if and when he is arrested. 

Trump is not a flight risk. He said he will cooperate. It would be safer for everyone if he was arraigned virtually, but that is not what this is about. 

It’s an unprecedented move to arrest the top political rival of the party in power for the whole world to see. 

American citizens are rightfully appalled at the possibility of a Trump arrest. Lawmakers in Washington must realize this as they “urge Trump supporters to remain calm.” 

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