Donald Trump Is Planning To Say “Not Guilty, Loudly And Proudly” On Tuesday When He Is Set To Appear Before Manhattan’s Supreme Court Judge

Credits: CNN

On the coming Tuesday, the former president as well as the leading nominee for the upcoming 2024 presidential run, Donald Trump, as per reports, will “loudly and proudly” claim “not guilty” to Manhattan’s Supreme Court Judge, Juan Merchan, who was selected by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. 

During an interview last weekend, the defense attorney of Donald Trump, Joe Tacopina informed CNN’s Dana Bash about the upcoming events in Trump’s case. about what will happen on the coming Tuesday. 

While predicting about the coming Tuesday, Tacopina explained:

“In theory, it should be like hundreds of other arraignments that I have done in that building over the course of my career…you walk in. You see a judge. You plead not guilty. You set a schedule, and you leave. I honestly don’t know how this is going to go, but hopefully as smoothly as possible.”

He added: 

“And then we begin the battle to right this wrong because it’s a day that in my opinion, the rule of law in the United States has died.” 

Tacopina also claimed that what might happen could remain “very much up in the air.”

Tacopina also revealed that his client, Donald Trump is prepared and will “very loudly and proudly say not guilty.”

He concluded: 

“They’re not false entries, but assuming they were, they’re misdemeanors way beyond the statute of limitations, so they had to cobble them together to try and get a felony.”

It is expected that on Tuesday this week, Donald Trump will be expected to get a mugshot taken and provide his fingerprints in New York. 

Following the booking procedure, Trump will be summoned before a judge for his indictment under more or less 30 accusations that are not known yet. 

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