Donald Trump calls for the arrest of Rep. Adam Schiff

credit: NBC News

In a recent stunning revelation, former President Donald Trump took to his Truth Social platform to drop a bombshell that has sent shockwaves through the political landscape. With his characteristic candor, Trump launched a scathing critique targeting Congressman Adam Schiff, a prominent figure who had vigorously advocated for the Trump-Russian collusion narrative. Trump’s remarks were nothing short of explosive, as he called for Schiff to face consequences for what he perceived as a trail of deception and falsehoods.

Central to Trump’s assertion was his contention that Schiff, the Congressman from California, should be held accountable for his role in perpetuating what he views as baseless claims about collusion between his 2016 campaign and Russian authorities. In this digital missive, Trump didn’t mince words in branding Schiff as a “leaker” and a “scoundrel,” casting a shadow of doubt over the Congressman’s integrity and credibility.

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Beyond simply chastising Schiff for his conduct, Trump took a bold step by suggesting that any Republican who had opposed the motion to censure and fine Schiff ought to be ousted during the upcoming primary elections. This call for internal party accountability underscored the former President’s strong stance against what he perceived as a lack of party unity in dealing with Schiff’s actions.

It also marked a notable departure from traditional political strategies, as Trump’s penchant for outspokenness once again commanded attention


credit: Donald Trump TruthSocial

Trump would mention Anna Paulina Luna a congresswomen from Florida who brought up the legislation to fine and censure Adam Schiff. Trump would label her as a “star” and also would say she never gives up. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna also would state that Adam Schiff lies costed tax-payers tons of money and would state that Trump/ Russia collusion was a lie to begin with.

Donald Trump would call Rep. Adam Schiff a leaker and a scoundrel who leaked classified information to the public. Donald Trump would also follow up his statement by calling for the immediate primary for any Republican who voted against Rep. Adam Schiff’s censuring.

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