Donald Trump Called The Biden Admin Incompetent As He Responds To Russia’s Announcement About Placing Nuclear Weapons In Belarus

Credits: AP, Reuters

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin issued a statement on state television that he is eager to place nuclear weapons in Belarus. 

Russia and Belarus have been supporting each other for decades as both share political, economic, and military ties.

NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu claimed that Putin’s wish to move the nuclear weapons is “dangerous and irresponsible.”

The former U.S. President Donald Trump gave his remarks about the news on his Truth Social account, arguing that the circumstance was a consequence of inadequacy in the government and told people to pray as much as they can. 

Earlier this Monday, Trump wrote: 

 “Here we go!!! Just as I predicted, now we’re playing with the BIG STUFF. The ‘N’ WORD is now being used, front and center. This situation was caused by us – It’s what happens when you have incompetent people running your government. All I can say to you right now is, PRAY!”

The shifting of nuclear weapons from Russia to Belarus turned out to be the main reason for conflict between Russia and the West, particularly NATO, which thinks of it as a danger to regional stability. 

The same issue also became the reason for conflict between Belarus and its neighboring countries like Poland and Lithuania. 

Both have protested against the shifting of nuclear weapons from Russia to Belarus. 

The Washington Post reported:

On Saturday, Putin told Russian state television that Moscow would deploy tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus later this year following a request from Minsk. He said the plan would not violate Russia’s nuclear nonproliferation agreements — and likened the move to the United States stationing nuclear weapons in Europe. 

Putin said: “We have agreed [with Belarus] that we will do the same thing. Without violating, I want to stress this, our international obligations on nuclear weapons nonproliferation. On July 1, we will finish building a special storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.”

Russia, he said, would help Minsk refurbish aircraft to carry the weapons and had already transferred several Iskander missile systems to Belarus.

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