Disabled Veteran’s Point Of View: Biden’s Handling Of Afghanistan Withdrawal Delegitimizes Deaths of 2,400+ American Military

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Editors Note: The following is an opinion-editorial written by a disabled Army veteran in conjunction with several survivors of American military members killed in Afghanistan.

As events have unfolded over the past 48 hours, and we have seen the level of ineptitude coming out of the White House, the Pentagon and the State Department, I cannot sit idly by and continue saying nothing.

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So, I write the followings words knowing it will strike a cord with fellow veterans and the survivors of those who never made it home from Afghanistan.

First, our current Commander-in-Chief has been on vacation and has not been heard from publicly for 6 days. That is the same number of days it took the Taliban to re-seize the Afghan nation. Twenty years of work, effort and sacrifice was completely dismantled in 6 days. And the man that was so popular that he got 81 million votes, has done and said nothing.

So, we must harken back to his previous words, all of which were either complete lies, or they proved that the President does not understand what he is told during his daily briefs.

Hey Joe, your Intelligence community did, in fact, arrive at that conclusion a week before you claimed they didn’t. The Afghani government did collapse, soon after you said they wouldn’t. We did walk away from assisting their forces in maintaining security in their country, even though you claimed we would not. And remember when you said that we would not see helicopters evacuating Americans from the embassy roof like in Saigon? You got that one right for now. We were actually able to facilitate most of the embassy staff from the ground of the compound.

But enough about what you lied about or just flat out didn’t know.

Let’s discuss what you and your advisors accomplished. Let’s set aside for one moment the Afghani people. We need to take a look closer to home.

With permission from the Twitter user who posted it, I wanted to show you a question that millions of us have.

This woman watched as our nation and it’s leadership sent her husband away to war. In return, she received a folded flag and had to endure a speech that starts, “On behalf of the Secretary of the (insert branch here), and a grateful nation…”

While I have no doubt that this incredibly strong woman was exceedingly proud of her husband and his sacrifice, I cannot help but feel that she was holding back and being polite in her tweets.

Of course she is mad as hell right now, as she should be.

Trust me Mr. President, she is not alone in that sentiment. You, your Vice President (who claims to have influenced the decision), your Secretary of Defense, the State Department, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff should all be be writing your resignations if you haven’t already.


For the simple fact that you made decisions that that completely undermined the heroism, sacrifice and effort of thousands and thousands of Americans, both abroad and here at home. You delegitimized the deaths for more than 2,400+ American service members who left everything on Afghani soil.

You and those people you trust the most, with one decision, allowed an enemy hostile to our nation, to seize control of theirs in 6 days.

Six days Mr. President.

That is how long it took to recapture an entire nation, that we spent the better part of two decades liberating.

And for what? What did you hope to accomplish? Whatever it was, I trust it was worth it for you, the VP and all of these moronic Secretaries you have appointed.

Because all you really did was relegate the Americans we lost to a number on a data sheet somewhere at the Pentagon.

Sadly, my friends Jeremey and Keenan drew their last breath in Afghanistan. They were escorted home, draped under the flag they swore to protect and serve.

And now, thanks to you and the people who work for you, their deaths (along with 2400 more) and the life-long wounds suffered by more than 20,000 others, were all in vain.

Again, I trust that the outrage that myself, countless other vets, millions of Americans, and the survivors of the ones who did not make it home, was well worth whatever twisted political victory you hoped to win.

You, and those complicit in your decisions and actions, drug the memory, the sacrifice and the duty to country of thousands of Americans to the depths of hell, Joe.

That, sir, will be your legacy. Hope it was worth it.

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