Democrats Launch Boycott Against Home Depot After Co-founder Bernie Marcus Endorses President Trump for Reelection

Bernie Marcus is the co-founder of Home Depot and he recently endorsed President Donald Trump for reelection in an op-ed posted to Fox News. It was titled, “Trump deserves a second term and has my vote. Here’s why.” In the op-ed, he called Trump “Ronald Reagan’s heir” which prompted internet uproar from opposing Democrats.

In the piece he praised Trump for his response to the COVID-19 pandemic and said that the country would be far worse off had Joe Biden been president at the time. He said,

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“President Trump has stared down COVID-19, the biggest threat this country has faced in at least a generation. If re-elected, he will quickly end this COVID nightmare and restart the American dream. Just look at Thursday’s record 33.1 percent GDP growth for the latest proof. Trump deserves a second term not despite his COVID-19 response, but because of it. While Democrats try to blame Trump for the roughly 220,000 disease victims, far more would have perished if Joe Biden were in office.”

He applauded Trump for passing the Paycheck Protection Program which offered much needed relief to over 5 million small businesses and 50 million jobs. He said that reopening the economy “saved countless lives and livelihoods.”

Marcus championed President Trump for his leadership, saying he’s been undeterred by other political or elitist opinions and that he’s the president Americans want and deserve. He said his vote this year is going to President Trump because he believes if he were to get a second term he could continue to improve the climate of small businesses.

The mob wouldn’t have this support for the President, so they’ve enacted the #BoycottHomeDepot, even though Marcus has been retired from the company since 2002. Talk show host and Democratic strategist Chip Franklin tweeted, “The co-founder of Home Depot, Bernie Marcus, thinks Trump deserves a second term. Who else is ready to boycott Home Depot? #BoycottHomeDepot”

Several other people took to Twitter to shout their disdain for the endorsement. One saying if you buy from Home Depot you might as well directly send money to the Trump campaign; forgetting it wasn’t Home-Depot who endorsed the President, but the co-founder, who has since retired. Another said that those who support Trump are basically the same people who supported Nazis.

But, on the other hand, several conservatives have come forward saying they want to shop more at Home Depot following the endorsement. Melissa Tate is a conservative commentator and she said, “The betas saying they are going to #BoycottHomeDepot don’t even know how to change a light bulb or swing a hammer. Trust me, these are not Home Depot shoppers.”

Sources: The Blaze, Fox News; Photo-Grant Watch

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