DEMOCRATS FALLING: “Governer Brown Made the Wrong Decision When She Chose a Never-Ending State of Emergency” Republican Candidate Holds Lead in Blue State Oregon for Crucial Governor’s Race.

Courtesy of Christine Drazan

In a recent story by conservativebrief Republican gubernatorial race is heating up and becoming very close. The interesting thing about this gubernatorial race is it’s a close race in a deep blue Democrat state. That state is Oregon.

Oregon has gone to quite a few election cycles since the last time it nominated a Republican governor. In a recent survey that included 516 likely voters former state house minority leader Christine Drazan has a solid 2-point lead over Democratic nominee and former speaker of the Oregon House representative Tina Kotek.

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At the same time, independent candidate Betsy Johnson who was a former Democrat state senator running as a non-party affiliate, this time around came third with a 19.4% vote the remaining 23.6% of voters were undecided at the time. Drazan’s lead is currently within the polls 4-point margin of error but the poll’s cross tabs show that Drazan has several factors working in her favor. is in her favor is, the support she garners from her own partyShe guards the most at 68.2% of Republicans, while 57% of Democrats support Kotek.

Drazan gathered more support from independents as well: 19.1% of independence backed Drazan, while 14.7% backed Kotek. Johnson siphoned off a significant chunk of voters from both parties but took more votes from the Democrat candidate.

The recent poll also presented some interesting findings that may spell trouble for the Democrats in other races in Oregon in 2022. a plurality of voters surveyed identified as Democrats 40.1% to be exact. While 33.5% identified as Republican voters, 26.4% identified as independent or non-affiliated voters.

Despite these different margins, Drazan maintains a slight edge and Republicans also hold a one-point advantage in the generic ballot, 40% – 39%. interestingly enough the GOP holds a small advantage in voters who say they’re more likely to vote Republican than Democrat come the fall. 31.2% of respondents said they are strongly likely to cast a ballot for a Democrat in the general election while 35.9% said they are strongly to vote for a GOP candidate.

Also, Republicans were polling much more strongly among the independent voters in Oregon. “In the generic ballot, independence favored Republicans by a nearly 10 point margin, 31.1% to 23.6%. Among voters Who were strongly likely to support a party, Republicans held an even bigger advantage: 25.7% of Independents said they were ‘strongly likely’ to back a Democrat”. First reported by The Daily Wire.

The Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman, Noted that “at least on a congressional level, the political environment has deteriorated four Democrats so much that no Democrat and a single-digit Biden or (Trump won district), and even some seats that Biden carried by double-digit margins in 2020 could come into play in fall 2022.” The Republican candidate has a premature campaign on fixing a number of key issues that have been brought up thanks to the Democrat leadership in Oregon, including outgoing governor Kate Brown.

When it comes to fixing key issues it would include reversing Brown’s covid-19 mandates, addressing rising crime and the homelessness in Oregon, improving education outcomes, bringing down inflation to the extent she can for Oregonians, bolstering all election integrity protecting gun rights, and protecting the rights of the unborn.

Oregon has not elected a Republican governor to run the state since 1982 but recent political trends might favor the Republicans in 2022. Kate Brown won a special election in 2016 by just 7.2 points, then won the election to a full term in 2018 by just 6.4 points. President Biden’s approval rating is underwater by five points 46% disapprove to now 41% approve.

“Governer Brown Made the wrong decision when she chose a never-ending state of emergency and heavy-handed mandates. I opposed her mask and vaccine mandates and repeatedly urged her to repeal them. Oregonians understand how to make decisions for themselves and their families – They don’t need their state government telling them how to live their life.” “We spend more time on education today than ever before, but our kids are still falling behind. Class sizes continue to grow and test scores remain stubbornly low. The politicians and education bureaucracy and charge of our schools are arriving our kids with their misplaced priorities and agendas. Enough” Reported by Drazan’s Website.

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