Democrats Are ‘Heading For A Fairly Good Beating,’ According To House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, In The November Midterm Elections

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The pullout from Afghanistan ‘became a paradigm’ for the Biden administration’s ‘incompetence,’ according to one source. According to McConnell, Due to the failures of the Biden administration, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., predicted that the Democrats will take a “pretty good thrashing” in the midterm elections.

McConnell remarked on “Fox News Sunday” that he believes Republicans will reclaim majority in the House and Senate as a result of Biden’s administration’s “incompetence” on matters including the economy and foreign policy. “His policies haven’t worked,” the senator continued, “starting with the hasty and ill-advised pullout from Afghanistan, which became a symbol for the ineptitude that’s been on full show during this administration.”

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The chief of the US Special Operations Command (USSOC), General Wesley Clark, spoke before the Senate Armed Services Committee about Biden’s proposed military budget for 2023. Deb Fischer, a Republican from Nebraska, pressed Clarke on the difficulties of conducting USSOC counter-terrorism operations in extremist hotbeds without the capabilities afforded by the prior US mission in Afghanistan.

“Can you describe the difficulties of conducting over-the-horizon CT [counter-terrorism] operations in the absence of trusted ground allies, access to adjacent nations, and reliable airspace?” Fischer enquired. Clarke said, “Senator, it is more difficult.” “And I’m not going to pretend it isn’t in front of this committee.” “On the other side, I would add that we have gained superb capabilities over the last 20 years and can undertake terrorist missions beyond the horizon. That is something we have demonstrated in the past “Clarke went on. However, Clarke said that the special forces under his command are capable of over-the-horizon missions.

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Despite the fact that the great majority of Americans supported the US departure from Afghanistan, Biden was heavily chastised for how the operation was carried out. He declared in advance that the operation would be safe and organized, but it turned fatal and chaotic in the end. During frantic evacuation efforts in Kabul, more than a dozen US soldiers were killed in a bombing attack while defending the airport.

Footage also showed several terrified Afghan citizens clinging to American planes after takeoff, only to die. More than a hundred American citizens, as well as hundreds of Afghan sympathizers who had backed the US mission, were trapped in Afghanistan under Taliban administration after Biden’s departure.

“None of their policies have proven to be successful.” “The economy, the hasty exit from Afghanistan, the domestic energy crisis we’ve previously discussed, crime, and difficulties in public education – this government has a lot on its plate, and I think they’re going to take a battering in the fall election,” he added. If Republicans win Congress in November, McConnell believes they will be able to “ensure” that the president acts in a moderate manner. He explained, “Obviously, we’ll have to work with the government to see what we can agree on.”

“Joe Biden campaigned as a moderate, and if I’m the Senate majority leader and Kevin McCarthy is the House speaker, we’ll make sure he’s a moderate.” Biden’s overall job approval rating is down 9 points (45 percent favor vs. 54 percent disapprove), and his management of the economy is down 21 points, according to a recent Fox News national voter survey (38 percent approve, 59 percent disapprove). Biden “took a major blow on the way he handled Afghanistan,” former Clinton advisor and pollster Mark Penn said Fox News on Friday, but he recently “lost one of his primary characteristics, which was always likability.”

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