Democrats are Claiming that Pennsylvania USPS Whistleblower has Recanted his Statement, but he Says That’s Not True

U.S. Postal Service employee, Richard Hopkins, signed a sworn affidavit blowing the whistle that he heard his supervisor tell another employee to backdate a group of mail-in election ballots that came in on November 4. The supervisor wanted them backdated to November 3 to ensure that they are counted in the election even though they came in after the deadline. However, a ruling from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided that ballots mailed by November 3 will still be counted even if they were received after Election Day.

The Blaze reports, “It is important to note that, even if the whistleblower’s allegations are true, none of the ballots received after Nov. 3 have yet been counted or added to either candidate’s total. Thus, the whistleblower’s allegations do not directly pertain to Biden’s current lead in the state. The state has revealed that about 10,000 votes total were received in the mail between Nov. 3 and Friday, but those ballots have remained sequestered and uncounted pending the Trump campaign’s legal challenge to their inclusion. Presumably, if the Trump campaign’s challenge fails, those ballots will only serve to increase Biden’s current lead in the Keystone State.”

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Following this new affidavit from Hopkins, Senator Lindsey Graham promised their will be an investigation from the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding voting irregularities. But now Democrats from the Oversight Committee have tweeted that Hopkins has since recanted his testimony on the affidavit.

But Project Veritas, the organization that published Hopkins’ story, quickly dispelled the rumor of a recant. James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, tweeted a video of Hopkins definitively saying he has not recanted his testimony and is now asking the news media who has propagated that narrative to recant their own reporting.

President Trump retweeted the video praising him for helping to expose this “rigged election”.

Sources: Twitter, the Blaze; Photo-Epoch Times

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