Democratic Mayor from Pennsylvania Slams Joe Biden and Predicts a Landslide Win for President Trump

Justin Taylor, a democrat, is the mayor of Carbondale, Pennsylvania and he railed against Joe Biden during an interview with the war Room. He said there will be a “huge victory and huge numbers” for Donald Trump to win reelection. He explained that the Democrats have fallen too far to the left and that members of the Democratic party are feeling abandoned.

Taylor brought up how Joe Biden claims that he is an advocate for Pennsylvania workers, but the mayor called it an insulting claim. He said, “What really has he done for Northeastern Pennsylvania? What really has he done, specifically for Scranton? It’s somewhat insulting to say he’s the native son of this area when he’s been gone for so long, and again has really not implement4d any pratices or initiatve that would have helped the industiral nature of Scranton and Lackawanna County and Northeastern Pennsylvania at a whole the entire time he’s been in elected office.”

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He says that he’s been a lifelong Democrat and that Pennsylvanians hold dear the values of God, family, country, and work; he then slammed the former vice president saying that he does not hold those values. Taylor went on to say that in addition to not seeing those values from Biden, he doens’t see those values coming from teh Democratic party either. He said Democrats have become the party of every other opposing opinion and is no longer the party of the working class.

Next he also said he doesn’t understand how Catholics could support the democrat party, let alone Joe Biden. It surprises him how they can support a candidate who supports abortion, or even support abortion themselves, when that goes against the values of teh Catholic church. He called it a “complete conflict”.

Sources: Conservative Brief, National Pulse; Photo-Fox News

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