Democratic Candidate in Virginia Dismisses Parents, Said They Shouldn’t Decide Curriculum For Their Kids

She wasn’t the first liberal to come out strongly against the rights of parents, and she certainly won’t be the last.

Make no mistake about it- this is the epitome of the liberal agenda. Total annihilation of our freedoms.

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They’ve taken the fight straight to our kids by indoctrinating them with their heinous LGBTQ agenda through social media and the school system.

Now, they’re trying to block the parents from intervening by telling them they’re incapable of deciding what is best for their own children.

Blaze News covered the story:

A Democratic candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates is facing a firestorm from parents after a video resurfaced showing her insulting them as incapable of deciding the curriculum for their children.

Jessica Anderson posted a video during the 2021 gubernatorial race where she mocked the parents whose votes she is now seeking.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve seen some of the parents that live in Virginia,” Anderson said on the TikTok video. “You should not be dictating what your daughter and son’s curriculums look like.”

She went on to insult homeschooling parents as well.

“If you want to do that, there’s a thing called homeschool. Indoctrinate them there, but not in my kids’ public schools,” she added in the video.

Oh, wow, this leftist is out for blood. Parents who love their kids and put hard work into their success are the antithesis of everything this woman stands for.

When asked by Fox News Digital to comment on the resurfaced video, Anderson objected that critics were dishonestly claiming she called parents “crazy” when she never used the word.

“I would never state that as someone who loves my students and their families in this community,” Anderson responded. “As a mom to three daughters, two of which are still in public school, I absolutely believe we should be able to question our students’ education, push back if necessary, and have an active role in the education process.”

She appeared to walk back the comments she made about parents.

“I support EVERY parent, every step of the way. I’ve also seen incredible communication between our teachers and parents in my district, when concerns arise,” Anderson continued.

Well, now we have lots of concerns regarding your agenda in the classroom. She shouldn’t be trusted to be teaching our kids anything at a public school.

The controversy over control of public school curricula led to a school group calling on the Biden administration to investigate parents as a “domestic terror” threat. The group later apologized for the request.

Make no mistake about it- this is the liberal agenda plain and simple. No more rights for kids and no more rights for parents. They want absolute control over every aspect of your lives.

This type of terror can not be won at the voting office. It was to be won in the hearts and minds of every God-fearing patriot. We have to start this flame within the walls of our own homes. From there we can help it spread far and wide.

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