Democrat Party Hemorrhaging in Florida, Losing 117,000 Voters Since 2022 Midterms: Republican Party Chairman 

USA Today

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The state of Florida has had a Republican governor since 1999, but the number of registered Democrats far exceeded the number of Republican voters. 

In 2010, Democrats held close to a 568,000 voter advantage that fell in 2018 when DeSantis was elected and the momentum continued. 

In November of 2021, Republicans took the lead, officially making Florida a red state. 

Over the weekend, Republican Party of Florida chairman Christian Ziegler announced that the Democrat party lost another 117,357 voters since election day 2022 when DeSantis won the gubernatorial race to serve a second term. 

“When I got elected governor, we had 280,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans in the state of Florida,” DeSantis announced after learning Republicans took the lead in 2021. 

The shift was amazing, but the real shock came when Miami-Dade County, traditionally blue, went red for both DeSantis and Senator Marco Rubio in the last election. 

The latest Florida county to flip in the same direction is Liberty County, located in the panhandle not far from the state capitol. 

“Another county has flipped from Blue to Red thanks to Florida’s strong Conservative Pro-Freedom leadership and our voter registration efforts across the state. We’re just getting started!” the Florida GOP announced in a tweet earlier this month.

Ziegler appeared on Breitbart News Saturday recently and outlined the Florida GOP strategy going forward. 

“We’re going to expand, and we’re going to go after these local races,” he said. 

The group wants to focus on councilmen and school board races. You have to start at the local level to effect change. 

“He [DeSantis] put out a list of 14 school board members that need to be removed, that need to be defeated this cycle that are up for election. And these are people that voted for mass shutdowns, you know, some of the indoctrination, and we now have our lists,” Ziegler said.

“They’re seeing what their kids are being taught — some of the sexual content being pushed on them…They’re pissed, and these parents are getting involved.

“They may even be registered Democrats, but they are turning out and voting Republican, and [it] happened last cycle.

“We’re gonna make sure it happens even more this cycle by going after those levels and making sure we elect conservatives, but we also mobilize everyone that are passionate about those issues.

“That’s how you become a strong red state. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do here in Florida,” he continued, touting another amazing statistic.

“Look, he [DeSantis won by 30,000 votes in 2018]. Only 30,000 out of millions of votes cast and since he took office, there’s been a million net new people that have moved here and registered to vote.

“Out of that million about 500,000…have registered as Republican. Only 17,000 have registered as Democrats which is, like, insane. So we’re seeing independents surging in our state because they’re leaving the Democrat Party [and] becoming Republicans or independents,” he added.

As more and more people flee to Florida to escape bad blue state policies and high taxes, Florida’s Republican party will likely continue to grow.

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