Debate Moderator For Thursday Is Another Leftist Media Member

The second and final Presidential Debate takes place this Thursday and the world is shocked to hear that the moderator will have deep democrat biases. Kristen Welker of NBC News will be moderating the debate and has a long history of donations to Democrat politicians. She is especially cozy with the Obama family as she was seen in a picture celebrating Christmas at the white house with them in 2012.

Kristen Welker has deleted her twitter account as of a few weeks ago and it has sparked concern among Trump Supporters as to why she would do that so close to the debate. We can only speculate because we don’t have screenshots, but it is likely that she deleted this account because she knew her bias would be called out. After what happened to C-Span’s Steve Scully, it is no surprise she would be terrified of something similar happening with her.

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Why Is the Moderator Always From The Left?

The debate game seems very rigged in favor of the Democrats because the moderator always seems to end up being a democrat. I think Americans deserve better and the Republican candidates also deserve better. Why can’t there be a debate where the moderator has right leaning biases? Or why can’t there be a debate with a moderator who has no loyalty to either party?

Not even Fox News could provide a Republican moderator. President Trump is in for another 2v1 this coming week and Americans should expect to see Trump on top of his game because this is his last shot to prove to the people why he should be President for 4 more years. Will Kristen Welker prove our doubts right or wrong? It is likely that she will prove them right, but we will find out soon enough on Thursday from Nashville.

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