Dawson’s Creek Star James Van Der Beek Calls Out DNC Over Refusal to Hold Debates, ‘How is This Democracy?’ 

 (Samuel Corum/Bloomberg via Getty Images | James Van Der Beek)

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Now that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson have joined the presidential race as challengers to President Joe Biden, the DNC has announced that there will be no debates between the contenders for the Democrat nomination. 

The party that has been so concerned with preserving democracy is circumventing a democratic process in which the people choose a candidate for the 2024 presidential race. 

Actor James Van Der Beek spoke out about it via a TikTok video that has since gone viral. 

The post showed up on the site on Memorial Day garnering nearly 50,000 likes. 

“I mean, what the hell? How is this a democracy?” Van Der Beek said in the viral video. 

“I cannot get over the fact that the Democratic National Committee is saying there will not be a debate to decide the nominee for president. Are you f—ing kidding me? There’s no debate?” Van Der Beek continued. 

“There’s no debate over an 80-year-old man who, if he lives, will be the oldest sitting president in the history of the country? And if he doesn’t live, has a vice president whose approval rating is worse than his?” he added, referring to Vice President Harris’ dismal poll numbers. 

Harris’ approval rating among Democrats is at a new low according to a Fox News Poll. 

“This guy has obviously declining mental faculties,” the actor said. “You’re putting him up in front of a podium with flashcards telling him who to call on and what the questions are going to be. And you’re telling us there’s no debate? What about the will of the people?”

“If we don’t have a debate, this is not a democracy by the people, this is a democracy by them. For who? Big banks? Big business? Big tech, big pharma, big government, big whatever,” he said.

His video seems to come in response to Memorial Day posts from the administration.

“Think, and do your f—ing job before you start posting about how grateful you are there are people out there who are willing to die to preserve democracy, cause you are not preserving democracy right now. You are shoehorning your pick and forcing it on the rest of us.”

“There’s no debate, there’s no democracy. There’s no primary, no legitimate president,” Van Der Beek said.

This is exactly right. An NBC poll found that 60% of Americans don’t want former President Trump to run on the GOP side and 70% feel that Biden shouldn’t seek a second term.

“We need a debate. How do we have a government, how do we have a democracy, if we’re letting a small, little backroom of people make all the important decisions for us. It’s not a democracy. It doesn’t work. Because y’all have been wrong about a lot these last couple years in that back room. No debate, no democracy.”

“I could be wrong about the guy being fit for the job, I could be wrong about the other people being right, being legitimate, being crazy — you know what would solve that? A debate,” Van Der Beek said.

He ended the video by saying, “Have a debate. Happy Memorial Day.”

While we shouldn’t take too much stock in what Hollywood types have to say, he’s not wrong. What’s more democratic than debating the issues and letting the people have a say?

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