Cory Booker Asks Amy Coney Barrett If She Condemns White Supremacy; Proceeds to Push The Lie That Trump Does Not Condemn It

In terms of wasted time, the hearings for Amy Coney Barrett were absolutely atrocious. Our Government will literally spend hours on end asking things that are irrelevant. Cory Booker is not new to saying stupid things so this surprises nobody. Watch Cory Booker ask Amy if she condemns white supremacy, and then watch him continue to lie about Donald Trump.

How Many Times Must Trump Condemn White Supremacy?

If you want to look reality in the face, just watch this compilation put together by the Daily Wire and ask yourself if Trump condemns racism in the video. If the answer to that question is he does condemn it, then Cory Booker is blatantly lying to you.

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