CNN’s Don Lemon: “It has nothing to do with freedom. There’s nothing to do with liberty,”

Source: CNN

On Thursday, CNN anchor Don Lemon went on a weird rant blaming all unvaccinated people for the rise of the new “delta variant” of the coronavirus.

Lemon said, “I don’t know if we can get this under control. We had the opportunity. None of this had to happen. Children didn’t have to get sick. If we didn’t let the virus to mutate and this variant to catch on, we could have had this under control. We were well on our way, and the only people you can blame, the only people you can blame — this isn’t shaming— the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated people have put us in the position we’re in now. And it is not a good place.”

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Anchor Chris Cuomo responded to Lemon and said, “We showed the numbers tonight. 37% of the unvaccinated are white Republicans. It doesn’t have to be like that.”

Lemon also stated that getting the vaccine and following all the ever-changing CDC guidelines is not a liberty issue “It has nothing to do with freedom. There’s nothing to do with liberty,” Lemon claimed.
“You have to obey the rules, put some rules in place that will demand that people get back to it,” he added

This rant comes in days after New York Mayor Bill de Blasio did a similar segment on his MSNBC interview. “The voluntary phase is over,” “We could not have been more kind and compassionate, as a country” but now “It’s time for mandates,” said mayor deBlasio in this interview

What do you think of this Don Lemon rant and all the “mandate” talk that is going on targeting the unvaccinated population? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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