CNN contributor trashes media for ‘fangirling’ over Dr.Fauci

A CNN on-air conversation last Wednesday between contributor Mary Katharine Ham and political analyst David Gregory turned into a heated debate.

Ham was arguing that Dr.Fauci shouldn’t be always praised and defended from criticism and asking him hard questions shouldn’t be painted as a disrespectful gesture.

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She also added that Fauci has purposely covered up certain decisions and flipped on multiple issues which have created doubt about his credibility.

“I don’t think it’s entirely a game. I think it’s that Fauci is a very powerful public official who deserves, and rarely gets, tough questioning in almost any realm,” said Ham to CNN’s guest host John Avlon when he accused Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., of playing a “political game” by criticizing and questioning Fauci

“I think it’s that Fauci is a very powerful public official who deserves – and rarely gets – tough questioning in almost any realm. He gets, frankly, a lot of fangirling and a lot of just sort of forum for his ideas and he doesn’t get a lot of pushback. Sen. Paul understood the assignment here, he’s asking about a tough subject that admittedly none of us are experts on, but I would like to know a lot more about,” Ham added.

Glenn Greenwald praised Mary Katharine Ham on Twitter writing: “Any attempt to demand veneration for a powerful public official is unhealthy. That was done with Mueller and now Fauci: no questioning. Kudos to
@mkhammer for bringing this very measured but unblinking critique of the media’s protection of Fauci to CNN”

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