“Clean House”; GOP Representative Stefanik Wants Cuomo Arrested For Sexual Assault Charges

It just seems to be getting worse and worse, rightly so, for the now-disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo as New York Representative Elise Stefanik is calling on Cuomo to be arrested for his litany of sexual abuse scandals, which has seen as many as 11 women come forward with allegations.

In a trenchant and withering statement put out yesterday by Stefanik’s office, she states that every, single “… New Yorker must know that there is equal justice under the law – no matter if you are the most powerful figure in New York or an everyday New Yorker”.

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Stefanik said bluntly that, “The systemic culture of criminal corruption, political vengeance, and illegal retaliation under Andrew Cuomo was brushed under the rug for years by Democrats, the media, and the cesspool of Albany. It is a disgraceful chapter in New York’s history,”

After calling Cuomo’s recent resignation “past due”, Stefanik said that “ Governor Cuomo needs to be arrested and prosecuted for sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual abuse. Governor Cuomo also needs to be arrested and prosecuted for his criminal acts covering up the tragic deaths of our most vulnerable seniors in nursing homes.

“In addition, Governor Cuomo and his staff, funded by the taxpayers, must be prosecuted for illegally using state resources to negotiate a multimillion-dollar book deal. There are multiple federal and state laws that the Governor and his staff have broken, and they need to be held accountable”.

Stefanik finished with a mandate (one Americans can and should actually get behind) saying that “The next Governor Kathy Hochul must purge Cuomo’s abusive, corrupt, and criminal political appointees immediately to clean house for the sake of every New Yorker.”

As ConservativeBrief reports, “New York Attorney General Letitia James announced last week that an independent investigation into Cuomo found that he sexually harassed multiple women in violation of federal and state law. After the release of the report, Cuomo, following the protocol of the predator, denied the allegations.

These calls for arrest will not fall on deaf ears. Of course, Mr. Cuomo deserves his day in court and a cold, passionless review of the evidence and allegations, but should the final verdict be “guilty”, one hops that Cuomo’s former tenure as the most powerful man in New York will not affect sentencing and a swift and fair exercise of judgement.

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