Chuck Schumer Whines About the Empty Supreme Court Seat Being Filled by a Conservative Yet Again

Ever since the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaving a vacancy on the Supreme Court, Democrats are trying their hardest to keep the seat vacant for as long as possible.

They keep blaming the election and that with one so close, now is no time to nominate and confirm a new Justice to the Supreme Court. They even tried saying that the American people should have a say in who is confirmed to the court. But that’s not how the process works. The Constitution says that when a vacancy arises the President shall nominate and the Senate shall confirm a new Justice.

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“No where in the Constitution does it say that the President stops being the President in an election year,” said Kayleigh McEnany in response to opposition against a new SCOTUS justice nomination. Democrats seem to either not understand that, or are choosing to ignore the Constitution.

President Trump has nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and her confirmation hearing will take place next week. The President said he chose her because her record of upholding the Constitution is unyielding. Yes, she is a Conservative, but her dedication to the Constitution should be pleasing to many.

In their latest cry for reprieve, Chuck Schumer said, “to put someone on the court whose views are the exact opposite of Ruth Bader Ginsburg…at a time when she asked her dying wish that we wait ’til the next election to choose somebody…is just appalling.”

But where in the Constitution does it say that the successor of a Justice seat needs to match the same views? It doesn’t say that anywhere. It is up to the President to nominate and the Senate to confirm. No where in the Constitution does it say “the new judge must think the same way and vote the same way as the judge before them did” as a qualifier for the job. Who wants everyone to think and do the same thing anyway? Where does that allow room for discussion and difference of opinion? It doesn’t and that is dangerous.

It’s appalling that Democrats would try to halt this Constitutional process.

Sources: Conservative Brief, White House Press Conference; Photo-ABC News

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