Chicago Reporter Slaps Lori Lightfoot With Lawsuit To “Stop Attacks On First Amendment”

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She’s simply the worst. Lori Lightfoot, mayor of the murder capital of America, Chicago, has badgered the reporters in her hometown for far too long.

Lightfoot, who won her mayoral seat based strictly on her skin color and homosexuality, is notorious for using the media the push her liberal agenda. By revoking media licenses and controlling the media, she ensures only her narrative crosses the local news.

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“I was asking the obvious questions, and she lost her temper,” journalist William Kelly told the Fox News outlet about an exchange back in May when she told him he was “full of crap.” Kelly’s press credentials were revoked by the Mayor’s staff shortly after her outburst.

“Mayor Lightfoot is in re-election mode, and she doesn’t want any more embarrassing questions to go viral. So she revoked my media credential. This is a very serious constitutional crisis in the city of Chicago.

“She wants to win this case against me and then expand this attack on the First Amendment to all the reporters who ask her real questions or any reporter nationally who would dare to ask a real question of a powerful politician.

“Thankfully Elon Musk restored the First Amendment on Twitter,” he said. “But in Chicago, the First Amendment is on life support, if not dead.

“They say you can’t fight city hall, but we need to fight city hall to restore the First Amendment if we’re going to have an honest election.”

Good for you, William Kelly. If there was a bravery medal for standing against liberal crimes, Kelly would be a top contender. It can’t be easy to stand up to such an outspoken liberal who doesn’t hide her disdain for those who oppose. Lightfoot’s empirical attitude, doesn’t seem to bother the thug-infested city of Chicago as nothing has been done to stop her. . . until now.

But Lightfoot’s tight-clenched control of the crime-ridden city doesn’t stop at the media. Her control over local enforcement is alarming.

Chicago Police Department Superintendent David Brown has sided with his antagonizing mayor and put his focus on areas where she commands it- like the media.

Instead of managing his depleting officer pool or the ever-rising crime, he has to take time out of his day to write letters to journalists.

Kelly said earlier:

“The problem is that he sat down and wrote me a letter telling me that he was revoking my media credentials when the police department is down 1,500 officers, we have an out-of-control crime epidemic, police suicide is at an all-time high.

“He’s taking time out of his day to write me a letter telling me that he’s revoking my media credential.

“I think the priorities are completely out of whack.”

That’s right, his officers are killing themselves at a rate that’s 60% higher than the national average, but this joke of a cop prefers to walk in Lightfoot’s shadow and obey her every whim.

We’re not that shocked regarding how far the politicians have fallen in that city, but we can admit that we’re stunned about a reporter finally standing up to them. Well done, William Kelly

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