Caroline Biden’s, Niece of Joe Biden, Court Date for a DUI Has Been Pushed to After the Election

Caroline Biden was arrested in Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania on August 24, 2019 after she drove her car into a tree. Officer Jeffrey Seamans responded to the scene and said, “Biden had difficulty focsing on the conversation.” Police found pill bottles for controlled substances cariosprodol and lorazepam after searching her car.

The case has been dragged out for more than a year. The case was first brought to the Magisterial District Judge Henry J. Schireson in September 2019. She received a preliminary arraignment and was released without posting bail. It was delayed even further after all the courts closed in May until July due to the covid-19 pandemic. Her arraignment has been scheduled for November 4, right after the 2020 Presidential election. By then the country should know whether or not her uncle won the election. Mike Gottlieb is an attorney in Norristown with experience in DUI’s and said, “I find it unusual that it would be that far into the future.”

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Judge Wendy Rothstein has been assigned to the case; the district attorney is Kevin Steele, both are democrats, so Caroline has little to fear as the court already seems to be tipping in her favor. However, spokeswoman for the court Stacey Witalec said, “No judge was involved in the scheduling of the formal arraignment,” and that the date was auto-generated so there was no possibility of political interference.

The affidavit said that Officer Seamans thought Caroline Biden was under the influence and that she was incapable of safely driving a car because of how highly intoxicated she was.

According to Mark Bergstrom, executive director of the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing, the mandatory minimum sentence is 72 hours in jail, a minimum fine of $1000, and a one-year license suspension and an ignition interlock. But there is a potential of 6 months in jail.

John McMahon is a lawyer for Caroline Biden and he said, “Ms. Biden’s matter is a routine first offense DUI in which she is receiving no special considerations.”

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