Candace Owens: The Left Is Losing Control Of The Narrative!

Source: Fox News

On Sunday, conservative commentator Candace Owens called out big-tech and democrats for multiple attempts of censoring conservatives online.

“I speak all over the country, and I wouldn’t do that if I was not optimistic. I’m incredibly optimistic, because it’s very apparent that the left is losing control of the narrative. If they weren’t losing control the narrative, it wouldn’t be necessary to censor so many conservatives. It wouldn’t have been necessary to censor the then sitting president of United States President Donald Trump,” Owens told Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo

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“You wouldn’t see these efforts at propaganda, these calls to pull people like me off of the Internet because our following is bigger than entire networks like CNN, and so they’re fearful because they realize that people are waking up to the truth, especially when it comes to black America, right?” She added.

“So, despite all of their rhetoric, think about this. If you’re feeling low about things, despite all of their rhetoric castigating Donald Trump, calling him a racist, a white supremacist for four years straight, calling all of his supporters racists and white supremacists, President Donald Trump increased black voters and Hispanic voters for the Republican Party,”

“Why is that possible? Because black Americans and Latino Americans are no longer falling for the rhetoric, and they know this. This is why they’re going through extremes. This is why they are fighting tooth and nail to make sure that mail-in ballots becomes the norm in terms of how we vote in this country. This is why they want to keep this existential crisis of a pandemic going on for as long as possible,” She concluded.

Many people online reacted positively to this segment and praised Owens for showing them the reality.

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