California Democrat Compares Donald Trump To Jonestown Massacre Cult Leader

YouTube screen shot

Congresswoman Jackie Speier survived an assassination attempt in 1978 at the Jonestown complex of cult leader Jim Jones. She was on a fact-finding mission while working in the office of California Representative Leo Ryan.

Ryan and four other visitors were shot and killed while attempting to leave. Speier was shot five times, but survived the horrific ordeal.

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Now, 42 years later, she told CNN’s Brian Stelter that much like Jones, Trump is a charismatic leader who can “talk in terms that appealed to those who were disaffected, disillusioned and who were looking for something, much like those who became part of Jim Jones’ congregation. They were lost souls.”

Watch the full interview here.

“The only difference between Jim Jones and Donald Trump is the fact that we now have social media. So, all these people can find themselves in ways that they couldn’t find themselves before,” she told Stelter.

Read that again.

The only difference is social media.

One must wonder if this is true.

Jones led more than 900 people into an agricultural region of Guyana and convinced them that they needed to drink a poisoned concoction. Of course, the other option was that they do not drink it and they would be shot and killed by the compound guards.

Trump? Well, according to many on the left, Trump is personally responsible for the deaths of over 600,000 Americans.

And what of the cult members who follow Trump?

According to Newsweek, “Stelter asked if she thought Republican members of Congress are in a cult. ‘They may not know they’re in a cult, but in fact, if they cannot think independently anymore—if they cannot look at the truth and speak the truth—they are, I think, exhibiting cult-like behavior,’ she said.”

And the general public?

“Trump voters are on all different levels. A Trump voter who came out at January 6 who believed the ‘Big Lie,’ who then attacked the Capitol, who were looking to assassinate the Vice President and the Speaker of the House, they are members of a cult.”

However, federal prosecutors trying the cases against the January 6th ‘insurrectionist’ have walked back their claims of abduction and assassination plots, citing no direct evidence to support those claims.

As the AP reported in back in January, “Federal prosecutors who initially said there was “strong evidence” the pro-Trump mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol last week aimed to ‘capture and assassinate elected officials’ backed away from the allegation after the head of the investigation cautioned Friday that the probe is still in its early stages and there was no ‘direct evidence’ of such intentions.”

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