CA Restaurant owner destroys Chris Cuomo on his own CNN show!

Tony Roman, the restaurant owner of “Basilico’s Pasta E Vino” in Huntington Beach, California made headlines this week for implementing a “no vaccine rule” at his restaurant where he only serves customers who haven’t received the vaccine.

Chris Cuomo on CNN thought of debating Roman on show on Wednesday and it did not go how Cuomo had expected.

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“The whole reason this is happening is because people won’t protect themselves, Tony, I mean, what are you thinking?” Cuomo started in attempt to make a “pro-lockdown” case and shame Tony for implementing no vaccine policy at his restaurant.

To which Roman responded and called out Cuomo for ignoring his own quarantine rule “Then why did you leave your house when you had COVID?” Tony said. “I mean you had it, and you left your house, it’s been documented.”

You can watch the full segment from this interview here:

As you can see, Cuomo was not very happy about this exchange and ended the segment by saying “Of course, it has to be an Italian guy, and he’s using ‘The Godfather,'”

What do you think of this CNN segment and what do you make of Chris Cuomo pushing lockdown in the name of “science”? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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