Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Reportedly Told Cops That She Was The One Who Opened Fire; He Later Changed The Story

In some wild news that broke today, Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend has allegedly been changing the story on what happened the night that Breonna died. Nearly 20 hours of audio from the grand jury were released and new information has broke that shake up the story completely.

If it is true that Breonna was the first one to fire the gun at the officers, then the fake narrative we have been fed for months will now look even worse. When someone starts changing their story, there is always a reason to doubt what they are saying. Whatever did happen that night, it is now clear that the cities that got burned down because of the death were burned because of a false narrative driven by the media.

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It is certain that Breonna wasn’t just laying in her bed asleep and then someone came in and assassinated her. The evidence shows that the narrative was a lie. Unfortunately it is too late for the city of Louisville and many other burned cities in America.

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