Breaking: “Why is this?”- Bill Maher Turns On Democrats On HBO Panel, ‘Why is this the hill Democrats want to die on?’

Credits: nancymace.org, Channel 4, HBO

 A GOP Rep. from South Carolina, Nancy Mace, and a British-American author, Andrew Michael Sullivan, were recently seen on Bill Maher’s HBO panel, where they slammed gender discrimination and woke concepts being taught to the young generation of America.

“I just don’t understand why this is the hill that the Democratic Party wants to die on,” remarked Maher.

Sullivan, who usually criticizes the educational system, questioned, “Why does a 4-year-old come in, and instead of teaching them the colors, you’re telling them ‘pick your pronoun’? Where on earth did that come from, and who told us it was going to be imposed on children?”

“I don’t want to teach 5-year-olds about being gay … [teachers are] telling them something worse, they’re telling them people can choose to be a boy or girl, or neither, or something else entirely; that is a lie,” Sullivan declared, adding that he senses it is done to “placate certain special interests in Washington.”

“None of this is anti-trans,” Maher replied; he added, “trans is a real thing, rare, but real, but rare.”

Maher opposes the woke concept, according to which gender is not specified at birth and is later decided by the child depending on his or her preference.

“We all seem to have to pretend that we are born … I don’t know … jump ball.”

“Don’t be coming home with gender pronouns; you better be coming home with As and Bs,” Mace stated as she described her discussions with her children.

Sullivan further added, “it’s all about identity, it’s all about being queer or trans, children can’t understand that stuff,” with Maher remarking, “and you say that as a queer.”

Sullivan wrote on his Substack page about the book titled “They, She, He: Easy as ABC,” which is added to the syllabus for first-grade students in Evanston/Skokie School District 65, a public school system situated in the Chicago suburbs.

In the book mentioned earlier, the first-grade students are taught about the pronoun “ze,” on the other hand, one of the characters in that book used the pronoun “tree” instead of using Diego.

Sullivan also pointed toward a renowned show, “Love, Simon.” That show features a character who is played by Keiynan Lonsdale, who has also declared that he prefers “tree” as his pronoun. 

This woke culture in the U.S. is now targeting young children with its progressive concepts and ideologies. Even many modern Americans also feel that this is wrong on so many levels. 

It is beyond comprehension how a child studying in first grade can understand the concepts of gender studies or decide what gender that child should opt for. 

Moreover, the woke books and shows that are being aimed at the young generation will add more fuel to the fire, which is why such material should be banned. Parents should be the ones deciding what’s best for their young children.

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