Breaking: Whoopi Goldberg Breaks Silence Following Backlash For Disgusting Holocaust Comments, ‘My Sincere Apologies Again’

Credits: The Times, Getty Images

The Co-Host of ABC’s program “The View”, Whoopi Goldberg, is apologizing again for the harsh words she used about the Holocaust. 

Goldberg was promoting her new movie “Till”, in which a black child gets murdered by a group of white people. During the movie’s promotion, a reporter asked about the remarks that she made on the show regarding Holocaust.

She got suspended this year from the show for stating that the Holocaust was not related to race. In an interview with the U.K. paper The Sunday Times, she felt sorry for those comments, but it seems that she wasn’t actually feeling guilty about her comments.

“Remember who they were killing first. They were not killing racial; they were killing physical. They were killing people they considered to be mentally defective. And then they made this decision,” the actress said.

Janice Turner, a British journalist, informed Goldberg that numerous race laws were formed by Nazis in order to oppose Jews. She also explained to Goldberg that “Nazis saw Jews as a race.”

“Yes, but that’s the killer, isn’t it? The oppressor is telling you what you are. Why are you believing them? They’re Nazis. Why believe what they’re saying?” she said.

“It doesn’t change the fact that you could not tell a Jew on a street,” she said. “You could find me. You couldn’t find them.”

“But you would have thought that I’d taken a big old stinky dump on the table, butt naked,” she said, in reference to her comments that got her suspended from “The View.”

“My best friend said, ‘Not for nothing is there no box on the census for the Jewish race. So that leads me to believe that we’re probably not a race,’” she said.

However, on Tuesday, a spokesperson for Goldberg delivered a press release that showed Goldberg was sorry for her remarks.

“Recently while doing press in London, I was asked about my comments from earlier this year. I tried to convey to the reporter what I had said and why, and attempted to recount that time. It was never my intention to appear as if I was doubling down on hurtful comments, especially after talking with and hearing people like rabbis and old and new friends weighing in,” she said.

“I believe that the Holocaust was about race, and I am still as sorry now as I was then that I upset, hurt and angered people,” she continued. “My sincere apologies again, especially to everyone who thought this was a fresh rehash of the subject. I promise it was not. In this time of rising antisemitism, I want to be very clear when I say that I always stood with the Jewish people and always will. My support for them has not wavered and never will,” she said.

The host faced instant resistance following her new comments.

“Whoopi Goldberg – 1 million Jews were murdered in Auschwitz alone, so take a lesson from @AuschwitzMuseum. Hitler targeted Jews for annihilation arguing that we are a distinct and inferior race. Stop distorting history. It’s offensive to every Jew murdered in the Holocaust,” Boundless Israel co-founder Aviva Klompas.

“Whoopi is at it again, repeating the very same nonsense about the Holocaust she ‘apologized’ for months ago! Whoopi is so ignorant she claims Nazi genocide was ‘not about race’ even though Africans were also murdered as ‘racial inferiors’ just like Jews! @TheView is her enabler,” A previous Democratic Assemblyman from New York, Dov Hikind posted a video in which he mentioned that her statement was “ignorant,” “stupid” and “uneducated.”

“You’re entitled to say whatever you want to say. This is America,” Hiking said. “But ABC does not need to give you a platform.”

He said that “nobody wants an apology anymore because it’s meaningless. Because it’s a lie. It’s dishonest.

Back in February, The Daily Mail issued a report, which revealed that Goldberg has a very notorious history regarding the Jewish community. 

She also submitted a recipe to a cookbook that had a very offensive reference concerning Jewish women.

The Anti-Defamation League blasted her for the recipe.

“It’s a lousy recipe with insensitive and anti-Semitic ingredients. Whoopi should know better. She needs some sensitivity training, unfortunately. The good people who published it need some sensitivity training too,” the group said.

Whoopi Goldberg has a history of insulting the Jewish community with her antisemitic comments. She always apologizes later on but she never learns from her mistakes. 

This clearly shows she’s never really sorry for her insensitive remarks which is why Goldberg should not be allowed back on national television.

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