Breaking – “Who Pulls His Strings”: Worlds Richest Man Elon Musk Demands Answers To Who Controls Alexander Vindman “Both Puppet And Puppeteer”

NY Times

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You may or may not remember Alexander Vindman. He is the Director of European Affairs for the United States National Security Council and the senior advisor of VoteVets.

Vindman became well-known when he testified before Congress in the first Trump impeachment case regarding the Ukraine scandal involving an alleged quid pro quo between Donald Trump and the Ukrainian president. 

He became news again this week when he tweeted, “Kinda weird that @elonmusk gets to decide how like a half-billion people communicate. Way too much power for one erratic individual to wield, don’t you think?”

Several Twitter users noticed something strange was happening when other people started tweeting the exact same message as Vindman. 

When Musk became aware of the situation, he warned Twitter users that they might be in violation of Twitter’s terms of service. 

One Twitter user said, “And they’re all echoing Alexander Vindman.”

To which Musk replied, “Like digital ventriloquist dolls.”

Musk tweeted, “Vindman is both puppet & puppeteer. Question is who pulls his strings … ? They’re bots in human form.”

“Note, spamming, whether done by a set of humans or bots is against ToS,” Musk continued. 

In response to Musk’s tweet, Vindman wrote, “Elon asked who pulls my strings? It’s not China. It’s not Saudi Arabia. It’s not Russia. It’s @votevets”

“I work to elevate the voices of veterans.”

Since Musk’s takeover of Twitter, everyone on the left, including President Biden, has hurled hate, threats, and vitriol at the billionaire. 

Recently, a Twitter user said, “Hating on elon musk full time seems like a really pathetic hobby.”

Musk responded with what we all know, “They won’t give up controlling the narrative easily.”

They hate that conservatives are back on the platform and are able to express their opinions and facts that they don’t like. 

Vindman is now receiving some hate from his opponents. In a message, the sender calls him an “ugly, nasty jew or jew defender, existing in the world as the mouthpiece of globalist claptrap that seeks to destroy all that is lovely and decent.” 

While no one should condone that type of hate and name-calling, blaming it on anyone other than the writer is a waste of time, but the Left likes to place blame on others. 

Vindman tweeted, “@realDonaldTrump, @kanyewest, @elonmusk promote this kind of hate speech & no member of the @SenateGOP @HouseGOP has the courage to stand up and say it’s wrong. I will hold you accountable! I will fight you on this. #HereRightMatters” 

It’s kind of strange that Vindman never expressed concern when Jack Dorsey was in charge of what was communicated on the platform. 

He had no problem with highly-respected doctors being silenced for offering a different opinion on Covid. 

He had no problem with the Hunter Biden laptop story being suppressed. 

Apparently, Vindman doesn’t want anything with which he disagrees seeing the light of day. 

7 thoughts on “Breaking – “Who Pulls His Strings”: Worlds Richest Man Elon Musk Demands Answers To Who Controls Alexander Vindman “Both Puppet And Puppeteer”

  1. Vindman isn’t anything but a puppet liar for the left. No brain inside him at all. Vindman should be fired .

  2. Vindman does not represent his veteran and is an embarrassment and disgrace to veterans. This is what happens when a loser thinks he has a voice.

  3. My husband & I are both veterans & he DOES NOT speak for us. He is the opposite of all the veterans e e know

  4. He and.his family, need deported and or tried for treason.
    He intentionally tried to foment a coup against trump.
    I’d have no issue being on the firing squad if and when he’s convicted of treason.

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