Breaking: White House Claims That McCarthy-lead House Republican Trip To Border Is Just A ‘Publicity Stunt’


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A group of Republicans, led by Speaker Kevin McCarthy, visited the southern border area of Cochise County, Arizona, yesterday and took an aerial tour with agents from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). 

The trip was highly criticized by the Biden White House ahead of the group’s visit. 

Ian Sams, a White House spokesperson, called the trip a publicity stunt. He said, “House Republicans should spend less time on partisan publicity stunts and more time working on solutions. 

“Solutions are what President Biden is focused on, and his is plan working. House Republicans would be wise to join him to work together to strengthen our immigration system and fund border security.”

What a joke! Since the day Biden was inaugurated, migrants got the message that the border was open. 

Border states and towns have been dealing with an unprecedented number of illegals. Just about every state in the country is feeling the effects of the Biden administration’s open border policies. 

The Biden White House defends the president’s long-awaited visit to the border which was nothing more than a way to silence his critics. 

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Fox News, “Just before Biden comes here, they started cleaning up these encampments. I mean, that’s just a fact. And they can try and spin it all they want, but the truth is the truth.”

She went on to call on the media to do their job. She said, “I hope the press comes and looks at it after he leaves to see what they did for his photo-op.”

White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre claims that during Biden’s visit to the migrant facility, it was empty.

She said, “[Biden] went to the migrant center, which was a critical place to be when you think about our partners who are helping support migrants on the ground there. There happened to be no migrants at the facility during the time that he visited.”

Who believes that? We’ve seen the footage. We know that even cities as far north as New York City are overwhelmed with migrants.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy held a press conference from the southern border to shed light on the problems we’re facing due to the drugs pouring into the country.

“Today more than 300 Americans will be poisoned and die from fentanyl. You’re looking at a place that much of it comes through,” McCarthy said from the border in Arizona. “Tomorrow, there will be 300 more. That’s the equivalent of an airline [sic] crashing. If an airline [sic] crashed in America every single day, by the third day the entire nation would wake up and say we need to fix the problem.”

“But I promise you this, the new majority in Congress — we’re going to fight to fix this problem,” he added.

“When you look at the gaps in the [border] wall, why are they there? … Because we got a new president that said to stop it,” he said.

Biden didn’t need to do a thing. He could have kept Trump’s border policies in place and continued construction on the border wall.

Instead, we have a crisis at the border.

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