BREAKING: “We’ll Take It All The Way To The Supreme Court,” Republican Kari Lake Makes Massive Announcement

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Kari Lake lost the gubernatorial race in Arizona.

Or, at least, that’s what her liberal counterpart wants you to believe. The scandals and questionable actions surrounding that too-important election in Arizona are murky at best.

Lake believes she has an “exceptional” lawsuit and she’s pushing to “take it all the way to the Supreme Court” if necessary

Katie Hobbs certified her own win over Lake on Monday with outgoing Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, Attorney General Mark Brnovich, and state Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Brutinel as witnesses.

Did you catch that? The Democratic contender certified the election. . . the election she won.

How is that legal? Why was it even allowed in the first place?

Liberals. They are tenacious in the devious arts and they’ve stopped caring about trying to hide in the shadows. These days they outright own it.

Katie Hobbs was the secretary of state in Arizona. Could that have something to do with it?


It has everything to do with it. She was in the perfect position to commit fraud and lie about the election results. She’s the one in charge of the entire process.

Hobbs doesn’t care about doing it the right way or how it made her look certifying her own election. Despicable, but on par with liberal procedures.

With the certification complete, Lake has five days to file legal challenges in court.

“We’re ready to go with what we believe to be an exceptional lawsuit. And we believe we will be victorious in that lawsuit,” Lake told Real America’s Voice “War Room” host Steve Bannon.

“We’ll take it all the way to the Supreme Court if we have to. We will not stop fighting,” she continued.

U.S. District Judge John Tuchi of the District of Arizona dismissed a Lake lawsuit and took steps to fine her, her attorneys, and Republican Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem.

“Imposing sanctions, in this case, is not to ignore the importance of putting in place procedures to ensure that our elections are secure and reliable,” Tuchi wrote in his order. “It is to make clear that the Court will not condone litigants ignoring the steps that Arizona has already taken toward this end and furthering false narratives that baselessly undermine public trust at a time of increasing disinformation about, and distrust in, the democratic process.

Baseless? Is this judge for real?

Hobbs had complete control over the gubernatorial race in Arizona and declared herself victorious. How is that baseless?

“It is to send a message to those who might file similarly baseless suits in the future,” Tuchi’s order noted further.

That led to a fiery response from Lake’s legal team, which accused him of acting in a politically motivated manner while disputing his conclusions.

“This case is not about money or gain,” said Lake campaign spokesperson Ross Trumble in a statement to media outlets. “It was essentially a public interest lawsuit seeking electoral integrity.

“It is very, very rare to sanction a party in public interest suits. All in all, this reads like an angry Obama appointee who wants to send a message. The message is if you lose, shut up and don’t come to court. The message is not that you lost a case or acted in bad faith,” he added.

How’s that for irony? The judge who rejected Lake’s lawsuit, had her fined, and called her case baseless, was put in the judge’s seat by Barrack Obama.

And Obama was totally trustworthy, right? He never did anything to make us question his judgment. (My apologies if the sarcasm dripped into your device and made it go wonky)

But at least we can trust Lake. She’s a patriot who cares about America and her home state. She’ll keep fighting.

“This is not about me. I’ve said this all along; I’m just one voter, but I care deeply about Arizona. It is not fun to be in the middle of this,” Lake said. “But we have no other choice. I have no other choice but to stand up and fight right now for the people of Arizona. If I don’t, who will?”

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