Breaking: “We Should Never Underestimate Someone Like Trump”, Liberal Al Sharpton Sounds The Alarm About Donald Trump’s 2024 Run

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If it sounds like they are scared it’s because they are- and they should be. A red wave has begun and there is no slowing it down.

And if Al Sharpton is the one quaking in his boots then we know we have them on the ropes.

Al Sharpton appeared on MSNBC and compared former President Donald Trump to Muhammad Ali in a warning to the Democrats not to underestimate Trump as he embarks on his campaign for the presidency.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said:

“We saw what Trump did to Marco Rubio. We saw what Trump did to Rand Paul. We saw what Trump did to Jeb Bush. We saw one-on-one, he just completely destroyed every one of them, right? Lindsey Graham. Every one of them.

“And it’s kind of like, you know, Ali in 1977, Ali was slowing down, great boxers like Jimmy Young would push him to the edge, but he was still the champ and still figured out how to win fights.

“Forgive me, I’m not comparing Donald Trump in any way to Muhammad Ali, but I am saying he’s still the champ in the GOP.”

There’s nothing wrong with laughing at Joe’s comments. He did indeed compare Trump to Ali, a point which Trump will surely take advantage of and use in a future speech. Trump’s fan base are probably already working on the memes.

Joe went on to say this:

“He’s still the most popular member of the party. 

“He’s still the guy that can dominate the stage like nobody else there. 

“And I don’t know. I think we the media keep making the mistake of thinking ‘oh he can’t win the Republican nomination this year, can he?’”

Oh, you are still making more mistakes than that, Joe. We don’t mind, you’ve underestimated more patriots than Donald Trump.

Al Sharpton replied, “We should never underestimate someone like Trump.

“Particularly when we’ve seen what he’s done. 

“As you and I were talking, Muhammad Ali, who I got to know pretty well toward the end of his career, he knew how to do just enough to win rounds when he couldn’t necessarily knock somebody out. And he used theatrics.

“There’s no one better in the Republican political realm that understands theatrics better than Donald Trump.

“That should not be underestimated.”

That’s nothing new. Trump is quite the dramatic star, but he knows what he’s doing, even if patriots disapprove of his drama.

Sharpton continued, “We’ve seen DeSantis throwing a lot of punches in Florida. 

“When he gets on that big stage, particularly against Donald Trump, let’s see if he can take a real punch.”

We’re all looking forward to that showdown between DeSantis and Trump- liberals and conservatives alike are eager to see which one lands on top.

DeSantis is beloved by patriots across America and has made big splashes- big red splashes. And the best part is he can do it without the theatrics.

But Trump has already garnered a massive following of determined patriots. And when the liberals compare him to Ali, you know he’s going to be hard to knock down.

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