BREAKING: Vivek Ramaswamy says every United States Presidential candidate should commit to pardon Donald Trump on day one

credit: Business Insider

Vivek Ramaswamy hosted a press conference today in Miami, Florida and dropped a major bombshell. Vivek called on every candidate not just Republican but including Democrat candidates to commit to pardon Donald Trump.

credit: VivekGRamaswamy Twitter

Vivek would call on other Republican candidates to commit to pardoning Donald Trump on day one, or to explain to the American people why you will not pardon Donald Trump.

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Vivek wouldn’t just call on Republican candidates but he would also call on Robert Kennedy Jr and Joe Biden the current president. Vivek would stay staunch on his opinion that this will divide the country even greater if Donald Trump is convicted.

Do you agree with Vivek that every candidate should commit to pardoning Donald Trump?

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