BREAKING: Vice President Harris’ Office Is In “Total Disarray; According To Mark Meadows

(Erin Scott/Reuters)

It was reported by Newsmax that the “mass exodus” from Vice President Kamala Harris’ staff is only just beginning, according to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on Newsmax.“We hear that it’s in total disarray,” Meadows told Thursday’s “Eric Bolling: The Balance.

“What you’re hearing consistently is that there’s almost anywhere else that Democrat staffers would like to work other than the vice president’s office, and so you’ll find them actually scurrying to other agencies very, very quickly, and this is not the end of the mass exodus that we’ve already seen.”

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Staffers have gotten the experience of working for the vice president on their résumé and now see the writing on the walls with Harris’ surging disapproval, Meadows added to host Eric Bolling.

“You’re getting a number of them who maybe wanted to have that they worked for the vice president on their résumé, but then realized that — once it’s on the resume, and her future is perhaps not as bright and she’s not the big shining star that so many people thought that she might be — it’s worth it for them to go ahead and bail early,” Meadows continued.

“What we’re seeing is that they’re bailing out. They’re essentially saying, Who do we find that may be the next person in the Democrat side of the aisle there is going to be elevated?

“And everybody in Washington, D.C., agrees that it’s not Kamala.”

Not only is Harris unpopular in polls, but she is unpopular with her staff, according to Meadows, and they have grown tired working for a vice president who lacks a signature achievement through one full year in the White House.

“This is just a tough environment, but it makes it tougher in that Kamala Harris is still searching for a win and we’re almost 13 months into this administration,” Meadows said.

He added that the public should not be surprised, Harris lacked a winning résumé in the Senate, too.

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