Breaking: US Secret Service Just Located Hundreds Of Concerning Documents On Hunter Biden’s Gun Purchase

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The Epoch Times reports that the United States Secret Service discovered hundreds of documents regarding the Hunter Biden handgun purchase at the center of a 2020 scandal. 

Hunter Biden’s handgun was allegedly discarded in a dumpster behind a small grocery store in Delaware. 

“Hunter Biden’s sister-in-law, Hallie Biden, reportedly threw his handgun in a trash container in Delaware in 2020. Agents with Secret Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) were reportedly involved,” the Epoch Times report said. 

A transparency group known as Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Secret Service asking for the records connected to the discarded handgun incident. 

The Secret Service claimed at first to locate the records and said they would process them. The agency later said they never actually located the records. 

It wasn’t until Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit that the Secret Service admitted to possessing more than 100 records relating to the matter. 

According to a joint case report with the Secret Service and Judicial Watch filed on Nov. 10 with the U.S. court in Washington, D.C.:

“Since the Complaint was filed, the Parties have conferred about the intended scope of Judicial Watch’s FOIA request and, in response, USSS has run supplemental searches and located over 100 records, totaling over 400 pages, potentially responsive to Judicial Watch’s request under the clarified understanding of that request.”  

Judicial Watch is skeptical at this point noting, “Initially, the Secret Service denied having the records.”

“The Secret Service’s changing story on records raises additional questions about its role in the Hunter Biden gun incident,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement.

“One thing is clear, Judicial Watch’s persistence means the public may get records that the Secret Service suggested didn’t exist.” 

Unfortunately, as a nation, we have to rely on groups like Judicial Watch to hold government entities accountable. 

Hunter Biden allegedly lied on a federal gun form saying he did not use drugs. 

He has admitted to using cocaine and there is plenty of photographic evidence of drug use on the “laptop from hell.” 

When asked about his son’s drug problem on CNN in October, President Joe Biden said, “This is a kid who got, not a kid — he’s a grown man. He got hooked on — like many families have had happen, hooked on drugs. He’s overcome that. He’s established a new life.”

“He is — I’m confident that he is — what he says and does are consistent with what happens,” President Biden added. “And for example, he wrote a book about his problems and was straightforward about it. I’m proud of him.”

Politico is reporting that “Secret Service agents allegedly visited the gun store where Hunter Biden bought the weapon and asked for the purchase records. The owner declined to provide them, saying the matter was under the jurisdiction of the ATF, with which he later cooperated.”

Will anything come of these records? Will Hunter Biden ever answer for his crimes? Time will tell. 

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