Breaking: Tucker Carlson Twitter video surpasses over 50 million views

credit: Rolling Stone

Tucker Carlson was no longer on Fox News this week a surprise to many, Tucker has a ton of supporters and many people didn’t see this decision happening. This comes after Fox News let go of Dan Bongino several days before that.

Tucker Carlson was spotted in Florida several days later just enjoying life on a golf cart:

credit: Daily Mail

Tucker Carlson would release a video going into detail of what he’s observed since he’s no longer on Fox News, saying most of the debates you see on television are pointless and don’t matter.

credit: Tucker Carlson Twitter

The craziest thing about this tweet is the numbers, almost 3/4 of a million people liked this tweet posted by Tucker and it would also get over 163,000 retweets and 21,000 quote tweets on top of the 53 million people that have viewed this tweet.

Many rumors have been flying around about where Tucker Carlson may go, but where would you like to see Tucker Carlson next?

4 thoughts on “Breaking: Tucker Carlson Twitter video surpasses over 50 million views

  1. No one can ever replace Rush Limbaugh, but Tucker would be a great conservative host.

  2. I am jolted but still focused. Our country as a whole is in great peril. Only we the people can sustain it. I am most definitely one of us willing.

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